Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Rat

Ladies and gentlemen, to those that do not believe we've got a rat in the office.. well there u go..

the sound today at work was DISGUSTING!!! I hope they remove it before Sunday.. and i dread to think if they been all over my mouse, keyboard, phone yuk!!!

stay clean and NEVER leave food behind at work.


Dubai Jazz said...

Whats that thing under the mouse? a mouse pad? :)

Seriously, is it an electric floor socket?

BuJassem said...

the rat exterminator put a glue pad.. so the mouse loves the smell, takes a peek and STUCK.. he's stuck!

he did also bite through a 240v cable the idiot and got electrocuted but somehow he survived. maybe he has no nervous system!

Al-ain Rose said...

Ya7laila Al rat. It's not rat actually, it's a mouse, it's small.

you're a chicken, why did you take the picture from that distance?
It's dead plus it's smaller than you. '7awwaf

we want another closer snap. with ur hands holding the tail of the hanging mouse, that's if you are not a chicken, prove it.

BuJassem said...

this thing is a rat, and it's huge.. the tail bit is 30 cm long!!! it is alive.. probably till now.. this was glue.. it's stuck there till the rat-obliterator comes and removes it. it made horrible noises. btw, to make it worse this thing got electrocuted with 240 v as i mentioned earlier and survived. so i wasn't going to get too close. i guess it makes me a chicken.. i wanna see what u'd do.. perhaps you'd become a prawn.

btw... i'm freakin out about the hygiene probs this rat could have.. or what it could give us.. and why it's there in the first place.. it's not normal for rats to enter a building like that.. unless there's some good food around which is wrong.

so yeah, i'm not getting too close to it.

rosh said...

lol this exchange is hilarious!! :)
*ahem* on a serious note, the rats in the UAE cannot be larger, uglier and more gross than the cousins here in NYC. Man! they ride the NYC subways and have people screaming for their lives! I've had 1 sighting inside a subway car and a dozen on the tracks. The guys are h-u-g-E! and scaaaaaaaRY! I guess they feed off McDonald's and Taco bells eh.

Mr BuJ - please, move to another office. Hygiene is paramount mate.

Inspire Your Mind said...


Reminds me of the cocroaches I used to find at my call duty room at Al-Ain Hospital..
Reminds me of the flies and the mosquitos we have here in our call room at the Ottawa Hospital..

But with a monster this size licking my keyboard and my mouse pad BuJ; for sure I will resign in no time ! I mean it.. Yuk

BuJassem said...

loool guys!! funny it took a rat to get all these lovely people here.. especially the undercover agent that is IYM :)

guys, seriously, it's frigging disgusting! I am just afraid this will leak out somehow and sheikh mo will know and we're all buggered.. it's so unhygenic and so so so unprofessional

it's coz idiot workers at work leave food lying around. even one time this guy kept rubbish on his desk (orange peels and peanut skins) for the weekend instead of putting it in the basket just under his stupid desk.

we have an economic crisis but otherwise i'd RESIGN !!! hahahaha.. or ask to work from home.. i actually like that :)

Veiled Muslimah said...

ew @ leaving orange peels and peanut skins. Thats disgusting.

rosh said...

I'd say have the dude / dudy clean up the rat! I cannot believe people leave food / waste out in the open? Disgusting and unprofessional.

BuJassem said...

i agree guys.. it's completely disgusting. these guys are swine.. they come to work just to drink tea and coffee and to wait for snacks that are distributed when someone gets a baby boy or girl or a promotion or something. always a lot of sweets b4 ramadan etc.. and these guys just graze on it. this same guy (whom we nickname JEF, and the last letter in his name stands for FART, coz he has bad farting breath) took a plate enough to feed 3 guys after we had a leaving party for one of the guys at work.. and this was just 11am.. man, we work till 3pm, so imagine just how much extra food he's eating that he doesn't need and gets converted to fat. not healthy at all. plus i don't think he brushes his teeth either or clips his nails. sorry guys i ddunno why i am typing this here.. maybe i should delete this post! it's disgusting!

rosh said...

Mr BuJ, perhaps the guy is related to the rat? He 'reads' like he is a rat / rodent :)

Please carry a bottle of Purell, coz ya never know when the guy might get friendly, shake a hand and hug ya! haha :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

Hahaha Rosh.. that's funny.. BuJ being hugged by a human rodent ! Eeewwww..

Yes I get under-cover from time to time BuJ.. so what ? Ce moa ;)

The worst thing is whatever those rodents do at work they do on a larger scale at home.. imagine his poor wife and his kids.. I would have divorced him in no time.. No, I wouldn't have married him to start with ! Eeeewwwww

BuJassem said...

eeewwwww ROSH AND IYM.. yeeeeeeuck!

let's change the topic! i'm really in two minds about deleting this particular post!

btw, this dirty guy at work has 5 kids.. but i am in two minds about his wife.. i don't think she exists and he's just imagining her...

no woman should suffer from such a rodent man!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Don't delete this post BuJ.. he might come across it and change his behavior..
You never know..

BuJassem said...

ah ok, good point IYM.
well maybe i should fwd him the link?

i bet u he won't get it.. he's kinda thick.. i wish i can demonstrate to you how bad.. but i feel guilty doing so. he's a simple guy.. but simple in a bad way!

rosh said...

Better yet Mr BuJ - slip him some cheese on a rather disguised rat trap. If his fingers get snapped at the trap, there's your proof and he'd get the message.

Yes, I'm eeeeeeevil :)