Sunday, 23 August 2009

I wanna be a pilot so bad!

Landing of plane at DXB runway 12L, clear day, from the Northern side (i.e. Arabian Gulf). Beautiful.


ericf said...

Hi! Im Eric from the Philippines. I read a comment from you from a blog while I was researching about rotating towers for a college paper. I was hoping if you still have that blog and if ever you can email me your views about the rotating towers in Dubai. My side is against the rotating towers and I really can't find much sources that argues against the said project. I will of course cite you as the source. thanks.

this is the blog:

this is my email:

BuJassem said...

Hi Eric, I just dropped you a more personalised response on your e-mail. Good luck with your paper and thanks for dropping by :)

rosh said...

Oh me too me too :) But I'm not too sure if it's a positive idea given the airline industry?

There's no other feeling like that of actually landing in the UAE. Emotional overdrive / ecstasy. Thanks for the video.

BuJassem said...

hala Mr Rosh :) I knew you'd like this clip.. it's so clear.. i love it :)

plus it's great how they call out the remaining vertical distance in feet down to 50, 40, 30, 20, then they flare (i.e. pull the nose up slightly).

Notice these guys are proper pilots, in that they are actually controlling the landing as opposed to using ILS. Additionally, one last point is that the co-pilot has command on this flight :)

Al-ain Rose said...

Too late, 3abbas bin Frnass.

BuJassem said...

loool i had to google Bin Firnas coz i forgot what he did.. so he flew b4 da vinci eh? who just made a helicopter sketch.. if you notice the plane made a safe landing but abbas hurt himself coming down hehe

still i think i'll do itlater in life,, might do a weekend in UAQ with the flight school :) parachuting!