Monday, 3 August 2009

Diana was never dirty

Never had the chance to say RIP Michael Jackson.. there never will be one like you.. here's one for old time's sake:

Hope they nail the bastards that did it!


DoTs... said...

loved the title. :D

rosh said...

Groupies Mr BuJ! He was singing about Groupie folk :)

I'd LOVE to see the Media held accountable, "freedoms" curtailed - especially Martin Bashir and all those bastardos who exploited this poor misguided soul. You know, the American media is the extreme of the media we have in the UAE, both are jackasses! I sincerely believe he was a nice soul, who never really got to grow up in its true sense, I should know eh? :) The pricks at the Media knew that, and they exploited him for their personal gain, mercilessly. Strange world we live in eh!

I feel down watching an MJ video / pic, every time...sorta unable to comprehend he is no more.

Anyhooooo Shukrans for the song.

Anonymous said...
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BuJassem said...

lol thanks guys.. thanks DoTs and Mr Rosh :)

true, it was all about the groupies.. i tried to google who "diana" was but didn't get a suitable result.. some people think it was sheryl crow! imagine!

groupie sheryl!

martin bashir looks like a drugdealer/pimp.. i don't like him.

i think there will be other MJ videos on this blog soon.. i miss the guy.. especially his music from 1987 and before!