Thursday, 27 August 2009

French-speaking, Israeli thieves

This youtube video above is really disgusting and eye-opening. An Israeli zionist pig of a theif has decided to steal a very potent Arab and Palestinian symbol and turn it into a piece of Israeli propaganda. I think this is a new low to add to the amazing lows that Israel is capable of.

What I do not understand is why doesn't he pick on an easier target? Everyone knows the khiffiye is Arab and Palestinian. It would make us very stupid if we started to wear the 6-pointed star (even though it's an old Islamic motif) to protest against Israel. What I also don't understand is that if you claim to be so close to the Arabs geographically and genetically then why don't you at least speak the language of one of the Semites (i.e. Hebrew or Arabic). Instead he babbles on in French.

For more information please visit this excellent blog below where you can also purchase Palestinian-made products to resist the occupation. Two cheers to Ragi Omar and Al Jazeerah for this excellent work.


Al-ain Rose said...

I couldn't care less about Palestinians and their products and Israelis as well.

BuJassem said...

ok, so why bother commenting?

Al-ain Rose said...

lighten up...

rosh said...

Ah Rose c'mon now, ya don't mean that. :)

Al-ain Rose said...

Rosh, Palestinian? :O

Al-ain Rose said...

Bu Jassem :O

Anonymous said...

Judaism predates Islam so the six-pointed star is unlikely to have been an old Islamic motif in origin. Claiming that while at the same time expressing annoyance that a bunch of Jews are riffing on the "Palestinian" keffiyeh just looks silly. Israeli jews eat falafel as well - how dare they!

BuJassem said...

I don't usually give much ear time to anon comments, but since there is a valid question there as well as a chance to educate someone, so here's my 2 cents.

First of all, regarding the 6-pointed star in Islam. Please go ahead and read my post again. The star's use in Islam pre-dates Israel's existence not Judaism's existence. As a Muslim I have no problem with other religions including Judaism, for after all we consider Abraham, Moses, and even Jesus (whom Jews do not recognise) all as prophets and as Muslims. God's religion is one, and we call it Islam, you call it Judaism or Christianity depending on what you believe.

In Islam there is a distinct difference between the prophets (e.g. Moses) and the people (e.g. Israelites) and that is clearly documented in the Holy Quran. We name the people that followed Israelites or Jews, rather than followers of Moses.

Anyway these nuances might be beyond your preception range, so feel free to ask in more detail in the future.

As for your other, less mature comment, the Khuffiyeh is pretty much exclusively Palestinian. Hummous and Falafel are pan-Arabic foods. I don't have a problem with Israelis eating our food or even using our clothes. Just don't call it Israeli food please.

However I guess if some pirates hijack a ship full of gold, then they have also effectively taken the gold even though they do not own either the ship nor its contents. What's better still is that the pirates will kill all the crew and cite self defence and a book they claim was from God more than 3000 years ago that tells them to take that ship.

Yeah right.

Hello said...

I don;t believe I called you anti-semitic in my previous comment. I'm aware of the position on all 3 major Middle-Eastern religions etc etc - I'd be more interested to know what you a a Muslim make of Hinduism, Buddhism and other, non-Abrahamic/Ibrahimic belief systems. They are followed by hundreds of millions of people around the world yet tend to be ignored in worthy "interfaith dialogues". Jews are also not the only ones to have an old book they claim is from God that makes predictions. Finally, I'm not sure it;s a good idea to use simplistic metaphors to sum up the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It's a very complex situation and is unlikely to be resolved by "the pirates giving the ship + its gold back".

Here's my suggestion - instead of finding comfort in pirate stories, try to visit the zone itself and look at it with your own eyes, as suggested by this guy:

I'm not convinced that it will actually work - i.e. that you will actually get across the Jordan/West Bank border, which in my experience is a major and extremely unpleasant headache even for people with non-Arab passports - but it might be worth a try and whatever happens, the experience would make for a great original blog post. You could even get it published in a newspaper. Why not?

BuJassem said...

So is Hello the Anon then?

You should tell us more about yourself.. anyway you're really welcome here because I like people who can debate in an educated way.

So, let me try to answer you..

You asked me what I think about non-Abrahamic religions. Well, as a muslim i think the view is clear. However as a person I have every respect for them. In fact I have many non-muslim/christian/jewish friends.. i have an hindu friend that's like a brother to me, and a bhuddist friend who was my flatmate for a year and we have every respect for each other.

I don't see them as less than me in any way. We have a verse in the Quran that says that "you have your religion and I have mine".. and i like to interpret that as "live and let live".. i know there are other verses that are a bit harsher, but they don't make much sense to me.

As for my usage of analogies, i find them useful to simplify complex situations, so they are very apt for the pal/isr conflict. if it were a simple conflict then there is no need for an analogy.

Putting all the problems aside, i think the main problem is that zionists and their supports do not see a problem in what they are doing. there are no apologies for annexing land that's not theirs. no israeli will apologise for taking palestinian land. we've seen apologies for the slave trade, we've seen a ton of apologies (both in words and in dollars) for the holocaust, and we've even seen apartheid crumble, but no one is willing to admit that israel was at least founded on land that doesn't belong to it.

I would love to visit Palestine.. in fact i was planning a trip in March 2009 when it was discovered by my family and thawrted. I have my ways to get in. it might get ugly but i'll get in. I do have some family and a lot of friends in Jerusalem btw. Arab and Muslim family and friends. I'd also like to see a fellow Israeli blogger in Tel Aviv.

Unlike the western media, i think we are very well informed here in the Arab world about what happens in Palestine. We are informed of Israeli mistakes as well as Palestinian mistakes. We don't get much selective media coverage like you get in the USA or UK, so in a way, the need to travel there won't teach me many new things but instead it will solidify some facts i already know.

However it'll make a fantastic blog post. If I managed to go I will actually want to publish it either as a book or with a local paper. It's gotta be done. Have you read the latest book by Raja Shehadeh?