Monday, 3 August 2009

Gulf Storm

I found this very informative picture on The National and thought it deserved sharing.

More here:

As you probably noticed if you're in the UAE, we are covered by dust for weeks, and the source of this dust could be attributed to the drying up of the marshes in Iraq (Saddam didn't like 'em Marsh Arabs). Thank Allah we have this new CAT III landing, See ILS Categories which makes landing a breeze at Abu Dhabi and Dubai's airports. However I've ended up driving with my headlights on low beam just to be seen. Other animals on the roads think I am flashing them, so they attempt to slow down (I know, typical animal behaviour). Unfortunately the headlights and horn are used as a means of attack and defense in our primitive society rather than safety equipment to make driving safer.

Anyway, safe flying and driving for us all. Looking forward to better visibility soon, at least so I can start running longer and riding too.


Dubai Jazz said...

Yeah. They could blame it on Saddam. He's dead anyway. But I'm not buying, the drying of the marshes started decades ago; the phenomena we're having is couple of years old. I suspect something else is in the works.

Thanks for the reference to ILS, Bu Jassem, at least I know I'm flying safe now!

BuJassem said...

ya Hala DJ.. nawwart.

look, the Saddam thing is fact.. maybe he's not to blame for 100% of the problems, but he did drive the marsh arabs out.. and he messed around with kurds bringing them south and the shia taking them north. it's well-documented.. he just changed too many things!!

anyway i am not saying it's his fault.. i'm saying he was a factor :)

the drying of the dead sea i think is a more serious threat.. damn Zionists... water theives! land theives.. money theives..

the airports in the UAE invested millions to get the latest ILS systems.. next time you take off look for the small lit up yellow signs (black fonts) near the runway.. it should say 12L for the runway and then CATIIIB or something for the ILS standard.. I believe Dubai was CAT II until the 2nd runway was finished, and also the airport tunnel.. ya3ni around 2006 or so..then coughed up big money to get CAT III.. yay.

basically the plane will land automatically, and all the pilot has to do is turn on the wipers when he approaches the airport and then turn off the engine when he parks the plane.. tough life eh?!

having ILS doesn't make landing ALWAYS safer.. the prob is stupid pilots.. or those who cannot speak proper english etc or cultural issues that mean over-reliance on electronics.. it causes disaster.. it's documented.. try to download Aircrash Investigation if u use torrents. it's by national geographic and u will know what i mean!

Dubai Jazz said...

Hala Bu Jassem,

I’m not disputing the facts that Saddam dried the marshes up and moved people up and down. But Saddam isn’t around anymore, and yet the media loves to blame it on him. How about, for instance, we talk about the dwindling quota of Iraq in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers? Isn’t that the main reason why these ponds are drying up?

I’m not worried about linguistic or cultural barriers as far as Syria Air’s pilot are concerned; in the worst case scenario they could just shout ‘bedna nohbot ya shabab!’ at the air traffic controller in Dubai Airport and things will just go smooth!

rosh said...

Yeah I've been hearing about the Sandstorms from friends, family and neighbours. I hope it settles. However, may I say, sandstorms do 'stir' memories from the days of the old, don't they - cosy, comfy and exciting memoirs :) Do you remember the huge 79 hailstorm / sandstorm? Oh hang, you were probably 6 months or so then, hence not :) I miss a the desert.

BuJassem said...

DJ.. you might find this interesting:

Mr Rosh, it's great to see you again. I hope you're doing well. By the way, I was as you correctly stated a few months old during the storms of 79 but i heard the stories many times. dad's car was parked in mirdif at the time and was completely destroyed at one side.. it was new! ouch...
also heard many stories from other people, but can't remember a thing.. except perhaps i was a bit thirsty :)
needed to burp or something!

BuJassem said...

A High-res pic.. 2MB