Thursday, 13 August 2009


If the last post got people worked up a bit, then this might perhaps work out other bits of your body!

Thanks Mori and DJ for such an excellent find :)

I prefer this song to Eminem's btw.. I wish he used an Arabic beat and jazzed it up to sound like rap/hiphop. Imagine a jazzed up um kulthoom song? :)


Thanks SoRealT.. fantastic stuff.. i like this second video more.. but do u say the music is of arabic origins as opposed to the eminem song? i really love this video.. very powerful.. and the arabic words in latin script are good..very good. how many arab men do u think agree with what's in this song? arab women?


soreal said...

this would probably be my makki's favorite... he fulfills some of your suggestions

Nobody said...

Cool. However, you should adjust the size of your videos to the blogger format. Change it to 400/324.

Dubai Jazz said...

Thanks for posting Bu Jassem, I got hooked up on this song instantly. I even posted it and the lyrics a while ago. I like the words too, they're authentic and meaningful. Incomparable to Fag Chouirie.

Arima said...

Funny you should bring Makki up...I was reading an article about him just this morning in Alter Ego was an article about the best Egyptian entertainers (which he was nominated for) and in the article he did indeed confirm that he is working on something with more Arabic origins. So your prayers have been answered :)

BuJassem said...

Thanks Soreal.. i actually updated this post to show your video.. it's excellent and i prefer it to the one DJ sent me :P hehehe

actually they are both excellent.. this guy will go places mr ahmed makki

btw, he has MJ RIP at the end.. which i thought was classy.

also love his sa3eeedi bit at the end

the female co-singer is excellent, even though she has 32 wigs.

DJ.. be good.. Fag Chouirie was useful coz he introduced me to Makki through you!

Arima, always good to read ya... i do hope he makes more arabic stuff.. maximum respect to the guy. this is coming from a guy that hates to listen to any kinda modern arabic music.. this i will listen to anytime! thanks

DoTs... said...

i loved the second one akthar ! but bookmarked it all :D

BuJassem said...

Dots.. me 2.. the 2nd one is amazing.. thanks to Soreal... awwal 10 thawani raheeba... mashalla 5leih.

moryarti said...

I am sure by know you head is "Kol Zaman" track... its on Youtube also ... totally awesome

moryarti said...


Al-ain Rose said...

What's with the teenie stuff? even when I was a teen I didn't listen to such silly songs. not only is silly, it's damn noisy.

BuJassem said...

hala Moryarti.. thanks.. i found that track, it's good but not as good as the 2nd video shown above.. it'a amazing.. and i love the egyptian falla7 bit in the end.... really lovely stuff.. i might actually start listening to more arabic music other than asmahan and fairuz!

al-ain rose, good to see you here and sorry u feel it's teeny (as in small or teenager-like?).. if it's loud i suggest turning down the volume.

been a while since i published about classical music.. will do that soon and i hope it will gain your approval :)