Wednesday, 29 July 2009

In case of fire

Oh well, this is dedicated to a very famous blogger :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

EK407 Tailstrike

Anyone heard about this? Back from March 2009. Media very quiet.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Two things to get worked up about

One of the reasons I decided to re-open the blog is because I was frustrated from being silent when all sorts of bad things are happening around us. We have a saying in Arabic that says "if you see evil and you don't speak up, then you're like a silent devil". Preferring to be a vocal devil, I present you with the following. I hope to adopt a short-and-sweet style rather than the old ways which involved more text than meaning.


You must have heard of the stabbing of Marwa Sherbini. The BBC has it, and the Swedes are even talking about it:

How come our Arab media and blogs have been so silent about it? Maybe there is something I don't know. Anyway, this is wrong. Germans are a great people and we have a lot to learn from them, but they also happen to contain some racists. I've experienced this first hand when we were there a few years ago.


This blog is going to be a problem for Zionists, but maybe not today. Today Mahmood Abbas is my problem. There are reports of him working with the damned Zionists to poison the great President Arafat. Gulf News has a good piece on it here:

Fatah shut down Al-Jazeerah's offices for 4 days because of this. Something really smelly is going on. I demand we investigate.

For all of Arafat's ills and mistakes (Siding with Saddam, Ruling Lebanon, not condoning terrorism in his youth, etc) he was a great man and a superb leader because he put Palestine firmly on the world map. No one has been able to fill his shoes yet. Allah yer7amak Abu Ammar. RIP.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Driving Post

There is nothing fitting to blog about more than a driving post. The last time I wrote I was happily based in the UK where some of the world's most courteous drivers live. However, due to a change of circumstances I am back in the motherland, in Dubai, the mother of all driving disasters put together!

Ok, so yesterday I decide to have a morning coffee with a friend in bur dubai.. just 20 min away, should be less given it was early and a holiday. So I take my car out of our small street and into our main street in the neighborhood and as I turn the blind corner I find our idiot neighbor has parked his mammoth suburban truck on the corner! I almost ploughed into him! Thank God the traffic was light and I could swerve into the other lane.

I breathe easier then, and as I approach the next bend on the main road the most stupid looking cow in the world cuts in front of me (she has a give way sign) even though I was doing the speed limit of 80 kmh. So without getting angry I move left. Then she moves left even though her lane is free. She was doing 50. I lose my temper (and unleash the horn). I don't understand why people can only drive in the fast lane here?! what a complete donkey of a woman driver.

The above two incidents happened within 2 min of each other. Still in my neighborhood!

The best was saved for last. As I approached from behind Rashid Hospital to hit Oud Meitha road, I encountered my first bit of serious traffic, a sea of light yellow. These cabs in front of me were queuing to get into the nearby church to pick up the faithful. The way they parked (on the main st) meant that we couldn't come out from the side street. In civilised places, the cars would leave a small gaps so cars can filter through, but no Sir, not here. Taxi-driving idiots! I waited for about 10 min without really moving. There were less than 10 cars between me and the street ahead. At the end I was so furious I mounted the pavement just to get to the main street. Even then the moron taxi drivers didn't move or realise what they are done.

Honestly, one day a lot of people will die here because of driver stupidity. I hope I don't witness this anytime soon.

Safe driving all.

Friday, 17 July 2009

The Right of Return

Hello people... I'm going to try to give this another shot :)

Moryarti's words really had their effect on me, and circumstances have changed to my benefit.