Saturday, 22 August 2009

Obama Welcomes Ramadan

Interesting how he has to assert that he's Christian!

I bet he wouldn't mention this if he was talking about a Jewish or Hindu festival?


Anglo-Libyan said...

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

Hope you are not missing the UK too much :o)

BuJassem said...

hala dear AL

not missing the UK at all, but i miss N1 and dalston and stoke newington.. the tarawee7 at the lovely turkish mosque and the amazing turkish sweets sold by the cute girl ;)

should be back in the uk for a short break.. i found i cannot stand arabs too much!!!

Inspire Your Mind said...

Nothing is wrong with Obama's speech BuJ.. I do respect his initiative too much.. and yes he is a Christian and nothing is wrong with this either..
He was just emphasizing what Muslims and Christians share in common; and fasting is one of them..
BTW, where is the comment section on the other Obama's post; the interview with the little kid one ?

BuJassem said...

Oh, you changed your pic?! very groovy!

the first obama youtube clip with the young boy can be reached here (comments):

as for this speech, i have all the respect for President Obama.. he's the man.. literally!

rosh said...

Perhaps so IYM, but I just don't believe any politician. Hidden agendas galore...bu then again, he may have some sincerity in him.

Inspire Your Mind said...

I worked with Politicians lately Rosh.. there is a great deal of truth in their reality I have to admit..
It's us who do not want to believe them.. believe me..
What's the percentage of Politicians to their own population and ppl ? 1:10,000 or even less.. who shapes policy though ? it's ppl; nations and not politicians.. right ?

ColOman said...

He has to say he is christian or the the wacko republicans would make up another story about him not being American or him being against the Jews....

BuJassem said...

sa7 Rosh.. sa7 100%!

actually all politicians are bad that way.. but i think Obama is less bad than the rest. at least he has brains and is well rounded compared to his predecessor.

Coloman, agree 100%.. i just wanted to point that out :)

unJane said...

I wonder if Sheikh Mohammed would ever wish us a Merry Christmas?

BuJassem said...

Does it matter?

Most christmas trees in Dubai's malls are taller than your average minaret.

Plus churches get free land to build on.