Monday, 31 August 2009

Emarati Blogosphere

It's delightful to be mentioned in The National on 31/Aug/2009. The printed edition is beautiful, but the online edition is available below and written by Ed Lake:

Blogosphere of influence

If you want something slightly shorter and with a bit of a kick, please have a look at Tom Gara's blog post below:

If The National is prepared to cover Arab blogs more regularly then they should look at the blogs by ABIT, Moryarti, DJ, GrapeShisha, etc to name but a few. There are many other amazing ones out there, but sadly they do not blog anymore.

A final word. About this twitter thing. I think it's a lovely new technology, but twitter is no match to blogger because you can make your blog posts 140 characters long if you want. You can follow people through google connect or reader and it's much more customisable. It's just that twitter is dumbed down a bit more so it appeals to those who would like things to be simple, and I can understand that. However the reason why I stick to this blog is because of comments. I'm not here to write as much as I am here to listen to your opinions and to debate in a constructive manner. I am also happy to provide a platform for those with strong views on anything to voice them on the relevant posts that I write on. You can even suggest a new topic if you feel I should cover it. It's all about the readers and less about me.

Happy reading and thanks for all the support.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Bujassem for the kind mention!

As for Twitter... I hate it. Im not arrogant enough to believe that people want to know what I'm upto in 140 short letters all day everyday.

I'd rather write about issues than myself.

Thank you once again.

moryarti said...

Enjoy your celebrity status buddy and thanks for the shoutout :)

Oh and I didn't know 3li was back in business. He has been extremely inactive for the past couple of years or so... should check him out again.

rosh said...

Mabrooktulations! Back with BANG indeed! :)

Dubai Jazz said...

Mabrooks ya man. And many thanks for the mention. :)

I agree with most of what you'd said, except that it's important that somebody blogs in Arabic. It's true that interactive Arab bloggers who blog in Arabic are fewer than those who blog in English, however, I don't see this as a healthy thing. It's a cultural setback...

The National is an excellent newspaper. I really like it. I haven't bought a single edition that had disappointed me. I hope they'd keep up the quality.... and the courage. (let's see if the praise will work)

BuJassem said...

thanks guys.. thanks Moryarti.. but a celebrity status would be if i got a 5x7 picture of me pasted in the paper :) this is just publicity!

3li has been inactive indeed. oh well hope he resumes.

Thanks Rosh and DJ.. and yeah, Mr Rosh, you need to write more often, coz ur blog is one of the best, but it's whithering away!

rosh said...

Aww thanks BuJ. I' not sure if I can keep up the blog to be honest. I may shut it down and revisit - your way.