Saturday, 22 August 2009

Damn smokers

Me: “Can I help you, sir?”

Customer: “A packet of 20 Marlboro Lights, please.”

(I hand him the cigarettes.)

Customer: “Wait, I don’t want these ones.

Me: “Why? They’re Marlboro Lights. Did you change your mind?”

Customer: “No, I don’t want ones with this health warning about cigarettes causing impotency.”

Me: “Ok. Do you want ’smoking harms those around you,’ or ’smoking causes testicular cancer?’”

Customer: “Give me the harms others ones.”


rosh said...

The fact I take some solace is that people aren't allowed to smoke indoors here in NYC. However we often walk a lot in NYC - and people smoke everywhere. With the damn tourists crowding up the city -- I swear there is no place to move and you have to walk slowly -- coz there is no space. And if you happend to get in midst of a bunch of smokers, they'd be smoking, sipping coffee and strolling along - you're likely to inhale all that second hand smoke.

Personally, the worst part is that I cannot take the smoke from cigarettes -- me puke. I cannot stand near people who are smokers.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Are you selling cigarettes now BuJ ?
Give me Davidoff please :P

ColOman said...

is this a real story?

BuJassem said...

guys this is a joke :)

i need to find the original site, but i liked it :)

my friends in the uk used to buy cigarettes from greece or romania coz they cannot read the health warning in those respective languages, hehe.

Rosh i hate 2nd hand smoke. yukky and rude.

Sho IYM? do i look like an office boy? hahaha

ok, how many boxes?

Hala Coloman! good to see u! this is a joke from a jokes blog :)