Sunday, 9 August 2009

Funky Arabs

On the subject of funny videos, this might be fun!

Apologies if seen before, I think it's becoming quite popular!


Lirun said...

reminds me of our (israeli) promotional campaign and videos demonstrating that some people associate alcohol and sex with progress..

i have no problem with nudity sex love whatever but the sleaziness doesnt impress me - ever

(hah ironic that my word verification for this comment is square lmao

moryarti said...

Yup... saw this a while back.. I'll take Ahmad Makki (as a true funky arab) over this douche any day...

hemlock said...

i saw this video a few months back... and i was stunned into silence.
made me REALLY, REALLY sad... for 'funky arabs'...
i like them better in the non-funky version =P

BuJassem said...

Hi Lirun and welcome.
I've actually blogged about an Israeli video.. slightly different from what you mentioned vis-a-vis alcohol and sex.. but they are both hilarious i think.

they also show what's wrong with each of our societies. I won't comment on the Israeli videos because I'm more interested in your comments. However this arabic video i copied here is so trashy i wouldn't even use the word "society" with it!

maybe i should remove word verification. it is a pain.

Hala Moryarti :) good to see u again... i went to Arabian Centre yesterday and had a similar experience to yours at the coop.. but less severe :P

BuJ @ the Cheese counter:

BuJ: Can I have 300g of the cumin gouda please?
Attendant: Yes, Sir.
BuJ: Can I have it in one-piece please?
Attendant: Do you want it sliced, Sir?
BuJ: Can I have it in one-piece please!
Attendant: You want it block, Sir?
BuJ: Yes.
Attendant: Thank you, Sir. Come again soon etc.. bhaaaalll

Hemlock.. hello and welcome.. anything "Arab" for me is very suspicious and should be treated with caution!!! what an embarrasment!

Nobody said...

The blond is an Arab too? I want to convert. Where can I enroll?

Arima said...

Oh isn't Gaaaaad hot!

Dubai Jazz said...

Totally agree with Mory, this fag can stuff this kind of 'funky Arabness' up his ass. Ahmad Maki Rulez!

BuJassem said...

thanks guys.. actually this Makki guy is fantastic!!! i just know what my next post will be about!!!!!!

Al-ain Rose said...

Who's this freek? *vomits*