Monday, 24 August 2009

Maria Schneider

This is the most beautiful jazzy piece of music ever. By Maria Schneider and her orchestra. The tune is called Choro Dançado.

Every thanks goes to an old buddy for sharing this with us on his blog:

The Journey of Life


Al-ain Rose said...

It's Ramadan. No songs.
Your Shaitan is still loose, catch him, it's not his time.
but hey, I like it, seriously... ;P

Al-ain Rose said...

u know, Maria needs to get a life, she has nothing better to do? seriously.. Fathya.

BuJassem said...

oh sorry, i posted this when i was fater.. maybe i should remove it till shawwal?

still nothing bad with the jazz. i love this piece. i have it as a good morning alarm on z mobile :) so if u hear this piece in a public space u would have revealed my identity hahaha!

what's wrong with maria? maaaadri, she looks like she does a good job orchestrating :)