Thursday, 27 May 2010

Two beautiful pictures

Here are two beautiful pictures that adorn my computer desktop. With my new Macbook Pro 15" as a new member of the family (i7 all the way!), there is even more screen to show off these beauties :)

I leave them for you to enjoy at your pleasure. Please note if you own the copyright please let me know and I will remove them immediately. These are not my pictures, but some I found online. It's worth clicking on the pictures to enlarge them because the current resolution will not do them justice.

The pic below is from the National Geographic and is probably one of the most nicely taken pics I've seen in a while. Take some time to allow it to sink in.

This pic below is unknown in its source but I love its peacefulness. Also reminds me I wanna live at some point in the woods in tune with nature :)



JC said...

Please take it off.
Please take it off.
Please take it off.

The forest already adorns my desktop. So I had it first.

I'm just kidding.

Beautiful pictures. I'm looking forward to catching a glimpse of those camels in the desert, in reality.

Rationality said...

Hi there BuJ;

Sub7an Allah the camels’ shadows are like black camels, I had realized them after I read what‘s written beneath the pic. It’s just awesome!
The 2nd pic is so emotional and romantic.

Btw congratulations for having the new family member, ur talking about it like having new baby *chuckle*
Thanks for sharing BuJ.

All the best

Susan said...

Thanks BuJ. These are beautiful. The camels one gave me goosebumps when I realised what it was! The trees are just sublime and remind me of Scotland.

El Shahlab said...

Thanks for sharing BuJ.
A camel by itself is a magnificent creature. 'Safeenat Al Sa7ra' in deed!

"Also reminds me I wanna live at some point in the woods in tune with nature :)"

Eternal peacefulness could drive you crazy. I think I'll build my hut next to yours ;)

rosh said...

Beautiful stuff Mr BuJ. Love camels. Something about them, very relatable. They make me smile every so often.

I'd love to have a home, a tiny little coffee house & grocery biz in small quaint town. In this city we live the days quite fast, it's easy to forget the roses and the good stuff mom nature has to offer.

"'Safeenat Al Sa7ra' "

El, may I ask what it means?

Oh and I shall have my hut next to you folks ha! :)

Al-ain Rose said...

I've seen these pics alreday somewhere. The first one looks more like a painting than a photo.
The second one is calming, I like it.

Rosh, that's a metaphore for camels, it means 'ships of the desert'. Safeena= Ship, Sahra'a= desrert... Gosh! you're ZERO at Arabic! :O

rosh said...

LOL Rose, I should have known that! And yes I suck, really :) Arabic is a beautiful language and such a pleasure hearing people converse. Though I hear random English phrases throw in every now and then..

KJ said...

I usually get my wallpapers from here:

BuJ said...

glad you guys liked the pics...

lool JC,, ru serious that the forest pic already adorns your desktop? how did that happen?

Rationality.. thanks for the welcome :)

Mr Rosh.. i think we need to give you some arabic lessons, and i'll assign Rose Rock as your examiner!

Al-ain Rose said...

I'm a tough teacher buj. Don't assign me for the gentle rosh :(

DoTs... said...

some pictures are a time travel machine!

thanks for taking me to another world..

BuJ said...

DOTS!!! Welcome welcome welcome :)
So how was your trip to "another world"?
I wish i could float to another world :)