Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Abutt's Finest Hour

[This post is written as a reference post]

We all relish on a bit of debate and dialogue, none of us have taken this to heart and to such extremes as much as aBit who is known by many names including Ultra Blue.

The authour of this blog had a debate with him about female body building which turned sour very quickly. I thought it's best to publish this properly for everyone to see him for who he is, and also because the coward is known to delete his comments after they have been read.

Interestingly.. He rudely refused offers of a hug then it took him a good few days to muster a reply.. oh well, maybe he was simmering slowly to a boil. Pathetic.

Pathetic 1:

You can bring your whore body building wife as well, the one I'll have a pakistani laborer rape after I beat you and have you jailed for whatever reason the cops can come up with.

Again, the innerwebs, its an amazing source of entertainment.


Yalla, answer that and stay fashionable tool.

Posted by ultra[blue] to BuJ Al Arab at 17 May 2010 09:55

(Interestingly, you can be arrested for saying less than what Mr ultra[blue] just wrote.. oh well)

Pathetic 2:

Oh, and my driver fucked your sister last night! Expect a 1/2 bangladeshi nephew in 9 months! Muahaha!

Best thing is, if I choose to delete these comments, you cant prove shit! YOU ARE POWERLESS UNLESS YOU MODERATE!


And and I was kidding about meeting you to talk. IF YOU ARE MAN ENOUGH come meet me in AD and I will BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU and have you jailed. YOU will be jailed.

(hmmm, it seems he will teach me a lesson by using his 200kg body to sit on me! If he's such a fat-man himself why not displace his fat-self to DXB?)

Pathetic 3:

A combination of the 2 Pathetics above, as well as the words "f-you" repeated about 654 times over about 40 different comments. He probably just learned about the "copy" and "paste" functions. Oh dear me. All this was trigged coz I proposed to hug him? oh dear me.

Very Worrying 1:

Having read this in Gulf News this week...


We hope the police catch him soon and may this be a sign for all haters and pedophiles that you are not above the law.

For more details on how to get in touch, the racist lurks here. FYI, all comments and e-mails are saved should they be needed in the future. All this can be easily verified by a 3rd party.


Unfortunately, this week we saw the ill-fated airline crash to Mangalore from Dubai. Sadly, it was observed that aBit's blog had a very racist post that stirred a lot of feelings, especially from the Indian community for its racist ideas.

Read for yourself:


Incidentally, one of the fiercest critics of racism was our Prophet Mohammad who fought it fiercely and the same applies to slavery.

We pray for his mental stability to return, and for Allah to protect us from all evil.

Updated : 25 May 2010

Seems the whole blog has been deleted or blocked somehow. Very peculiar indeed.


Tainted Female said...

Can you believe Buj, this guy STILL trolls me over this!? Only now he does it at my old blog. I get the comments emailed.

I find it amazing he's been such an infection around here for so long, yet doesn't know most bloggers have comments emailed to them and they're all logged, whether or not they're moderated.

The guy's a tool.

I <3 you though.


rosh said...

LOL BuJ! Thanks for the chuckle :)

You are correct, there's always a fine line between most things good, bad and outright ugly.

At 30, life could not have messed up the base sensibilites quite so terribly. And even if it has, this is the perfect time to turn it around as much.

Eccentric M said...

Buj, you can still his post about the plane victims on Google Cache:


Kyle said...

It's very unfortunate when people use a tragedy to gain their 15 minutes on prime time.

Thanks for taking off the moderation.

Here's wishing you well.

BuJ said...


Sorry to hear he's still annoying you. well i believe Google has taken down his site.. oh well.. what goes around comes around.

Thanks for z subbort!

Mr Rosh

Did you find this funny? hehe ok, good, but not my intention.. lol

Full disclosure sometimes is the best way.

A tool for the fool.

Eccentric M

Thanks and welcome to the blog. Funny, coz I wrote this post on 18 May, then edited it, then edited it, then yesterday i discovered that the blog is completely gone! So I thought ok, i better publish this post now. It seems twitter is going mad with this:


Nice pic of the old school SL!


Thanks for your kind words. You know me, I hate moderation and censorship. But I hate bad manners even more.. you know.. a lesser/greater evil thing going on.. but for now.. no more moderation.

wishin u a good day all.

Susan said...

The guy is an idiot and he's shut down for now, thank goodness. But he'll be back!

What he and his ilk don't get is that freedom of speech implies a certain level of humanity, maturity and responsibility to accept that other people may have views which are abhorrent to you but to not go out of your way to say what you like and hurt people and incite hatred. Some people are simply not ready for freedom of speech and he is definitely one of them.

the real nick said...

I had a few run ins with that boy before I realized that he is a mentally unstable kid in need of attention and good caning / leg over. I recommend you don't even read his comments and ignore him. He'll go away.

(Yes BuJ, I read your blog but I usually just bite my lip...)

Rami said...


I don't know.. I hate what he said (in that post and in many others in the past), but I hate the fact that he's been shut down even more.

Freedom of speech is exactly that: the right to say whatever you want. There are rational restrictions on that freedom (inciting violence, etc), but being an idiot and a racist don't make the cut.

It's a pity, because there actually were some interesting posts on that site.

Also @Tainted.. nice to see you posting.. I used to follow your old blog a million years ago.

Susan said...

Rami, I agree with you but sometimes there are other values which come above freedom of speech, like kindness and good manners.

I can disagree vehemently with someone but that doesn't mean I have the right to threaten them or abuse them.

Even if you believe that that right is part of free speech, as an adult human being I believe you also have the responsibilty to be considerate and to act with respect for others at all times.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that rights come with responsibilities and if you don't accept your responsibilites, don't be surprised if your rights get taken away.

BuJ said...

always lovely to see some exchange of opinions.

The Real Nick.. if you're such a regular reader, then please unseal your lips and say something, especially if you'll disagree with me.. it's all good, as long as it's respectful. also it's great if you can bring your friend DJ.. we miss your conversations!

Susan my humble opinion is that absolute freedom of speech is a bad thing because anything absolute is dangerous.. for example.. if you have absolute freedom you also need infinite wisdom and restraint.. which not many people have.

so if you go for 90% freedom + 10% common sense that might be good for most of us.. and i agree that although freedom of speech is a good thing, it is a right that should be given to sane people only.

for example out of all the nuclear powers out there, only one has used its deadly arsenal. and none of them have done so in the last 50 years.

Rami good to see you here and hope to read your thoughts on more posts to come.

Khalood said...

Wow! I guess I wasn't mistaken when I had my last conversation with him/her once upon a time. Nothing but steady bitterness and significant rudeness. Oh well, I guess we cannot ask for much from such individuals.

As the Arabic saying goes: "كل إناء ينضح بما فيه"

moryarti said...


Rationality said...

Good morning Buj;

Eww that is extremely nasty...
I read the whole comments above and I’ve noticed freedom’s meaning has variation as well, so weird!
Well, I disagree when one of the commentators said that it’s okay to say such crap and its freedom expression!
I don’t think there is someone would accept what that guy said freely.
Allah the Almighty created this world and makes us perfect legitimated roles to not trespass others border.
However hiding behind the screens and dealing with people under unknown identities does not give us the right to attack and hurt the others cruelly when we are disagree. Freedom is not a matter of rights. It’s a matter of RIGHT and People who pamper their senses-all in the name of freedom and rights are totally mistaken. On the other hand there is another exalted way to express his perspective but away from verbal violence.

UB’s words show how much he is sick (I feel sorry for him). A normal and a reasonable person won’t even think to write filthy words and cross the line just like that, what he said shows his vulnerability and how much he is pathetic.

Freedom is something desirable but showing respect is over everything. And no one can become free until s/he aims at something higher and greater than him/herself.

P.S... Sometimes good ones suffer from attacks and absolute ignoring is the best solution. Wish you are fine after all. Have a good day.
Kind regards R

rosh said...

BuJ: I did it find most of that filth funny. I guess I had to.. coz there's no other way to read some of that ill fated sentiments / raw emotions.

"Allah the Almighty created this world and makes us perfect legitimated roles to not trespass others border."


" Freedom is not a matter of rights. It’s a matter of RIGHT and People who pamper their senses-all in the name of freedom and rights are totally mistaken."

Spot on, Rationality.

JC said...


When you have the time, follow this link, which entails a blogger's code of conduct. It also contains possible solutions to deal with pain-in-the-butt trolls.

Al-ain Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Al-ain Rose said...

I have lots of "pathetics" in my blog and my e-mail as well by him.


Posted by ultra[blue] to In My Garden at April 14, 2010 2:07 PM :

Your dead father is a bastard who I am glad is dead.

your whore mother fucked Ikhlas the driver and had you
Anything else al ain whore bitch?

Posted by ultra[blue] to In My Garden at April 15, 2010 5:19 PM

I am sorry AAR. I am sorry that your bastard dumbfuck dead father who is being tortured in the grave for failing to beat you into a decent person ever had sex with your undoubtedly ugly mother to conceive you, if indeed you are even his daughter.
I am sorry that your mother will probably go to hell for that ring of fire on her poor old finger because you dont know the 1st thing about your supposed religion at your age.
I am sorry that you're a spoilt fucking whore who bitches non-stop about how bad your job is
I am also sorry that you havent killed yourself yet as being a kafira or murtadda, you should be tried and killed anyways.

Posted by ultra[blue] to In My Garden at April 16, 2010 2:59 AM

You are trash. Your father is trash, and your mom couldnt keep her hairy smelly black pussy closed.

And if I am such a coward, please tempt me, come to abu dhabi . I DARE YOU.

Sad and pathetic. I called your dead father everything and you cant even come over here to stand up for him. GREAT girl you are.


Because thats what you Arabs from Al Ain are. Trash.

Can you fuck yourself? Go get a bottle of water and insert it into your used old pussy and fuck yourself till you die of some bleeding. Deal?
My culture were writing medical books when yours couldn't talk you piece of trash. Even your own language you needed a farsi man to teach you. And no, you wouldnt know. Because your type are too busy complaining about random shit and cheating on each others with each other's wives to know anything about anyone else

Posted by ultra[blue] to In My Garden at April 20, 2010 9:46 AM :

I might, MIGHT start a dedicated site though, AARisawhore.net though. We shall see.

Posted by ultra[blue] to In My Garden at April 16, 2010 2:59 AM:

Do you want me to post the almost nude pics of you that you sent me over a year ago? by email? Would you like that?

Never seen or got confronted with such irreverent person with his type of swearing, both cyperlly & in person.

rosh said...

OKai, think a lot has been said. Below is ABIT's last comment on his blog, which an Anon copied / posted on Secret Dubai's blog (it's blocked from the UAE I think)

"RIP Plane Victims

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 , Posted by ultra[blue] at 6:46 PM

Wow. Let me 1st say that we were having a slow few weeks and thought a bit of "fun" would bring in some readership.

It did. Sadly 95% of them didnt "get" it. the remaining 5% didnt agree with it but were laughing at it.

People, the innerwebs is a form of entertainment, like the movies, or a TV show. Every now and then, imbedded in that entertainment is a bit of truth. But that little bit of truth does not mean that the entertainment factor, the main factor of the issue should be taken for granted and all of a sudden the movie has turned into a fact filled documentary.

If anything allowing our contributers free reign to post whatever and however they wish is not something the UAE is ready for. We hear often that oh, this part of the world needs more opinions, debate, views, and openness.

No, what the sheer power of the readers/comments proved to us is that people, including those residing and those from the UAE, want those things as long as they are the same as everyone else'

At 300 comment I, as an admin, didnt have time to go through them all, so I decided to do what I never thought I would. I censored one of my contributors.

I am writing this to apologize for this blog as a whole for any hurt the post this one replaces may have caused. I have given it the same URL so that links on the innerwebs will link directly here.

I am also appalled at the comments we had received. For people who supposedly care, and are not hatful or racist, most comments were in fact just that. So to those happy that I took the post down, know that it was done because you stooped down to the same level that you supposedly were condemning.

We didnt know we were this important. With 35 followings, we expected 35 comments or less. Not so many that we couldnt even read them all. What we read was enough.

The UAE isnt ready for opinions. Not real ones. We will continue to give watered down ones then.

Happy blogging and happy reading. Sadly, even our blogs now are as good as our newspapers. And that;s because of us all.

Please check out this post by yet another member of ours on the same subject, posted on the same day. Sadly, this one only got a total of 8 comments. Says alot about all those supposedly caring people."

rosh said...

Personally, I don't think the argument cut ice -- and SD summed up quite nicely in her response, which, I have copied and posted below.

"I would note that I don't see the view as representative of all Emiratis. And I have seen plenty of hate-filled comments by people of other races (western and eastern and wherever else) over the past years. Even my own blog is hardly a beacon of political correctness: though I hope that there has been humour and not hatred behind my own writings.

But when someone mocks the victims of a fatal tragedy, people who gave their lives and labour to a foreign country, and whose already-poor families will likely face penury through their deaths, that just goes an extra step too far for me.

I felt that it needed to be exposed - and shamed - rather than just ignored."

I think freedom to say whatever you want to say is great. It comes with a responsibility that might hold you in a positive light or throw you in to a dungeon. Depends how we use (or abuse) that freedom. The only thing I never got with ABIT was the nasty stuff, the childish nasty stuff, like the ones he left on Dana, Rose's and BuJ's blogs. It makes NO sense and shows his in such poor light. It helped nobody, least of all, him.