Sunday, 2 May 2010

Etisalat on youtube

I found this on youtube recently about Etisalat...

I think it's completely distasteful to the engineers that designed the tower, and to the workers that built it, and to the numerous guys that work to maintain it.. and of course a big insult to one of the most beloved companies in the UAE - Etisalat.

Completely wrong, I think they should block this video! Disgusting!

PS: now that the egyptian cable has been fixed, you can appreciate this disgusting video even more.


Dave said...

Definately like something out of a disaster movie... "Dubai - The Movie?" perhaps...

Rationality said...

Oops it's a bad omen and it offends etisalt comapny heavily !
it should be eliminated.

BuJ said...

loool Dave.. LOOL!

Rationality.. oh.. i agree with you.. Etisalat should block this video.. actually they should block all of youtube (except the videos i post to in my blog)

Khalood said...

Meh, why should a fabricated 3D piece of footage be blocked. After all, it indisputably looks fake. Any person with a functioning brain would know that.

Al-ain Rose said...

actually they should block all of youtube

Why, Buj? I think youtube does more good than harm. It should not be blocked.

BuJ said...

hello chums.. oops i think my sarcasm was not fully grasped..

when i meant it should be blocked, i was completely being silly.. personally i am against blocking anything.. and i think specially youtube shouldn't be blocked here in uae and we need freer internet.

it's the same as alcohol and prostitution. if u ban it, people will want it more.. but if u leave it, then with time u will get a balance.

it's like poison, u can find many poisons in the market, without a ban.. and u can kill urself.. or somewhat u can always find prostitution.. so why make a big fuss from banning.. just let it be and let the people decide

on the net, i believe banning stuff should be very limited to:

1-stuff that infringes on legal rights (e.g. if someone has a site that promotes illegal stuff such as an abortion clinic)

2-stuff that can be bad for kids (although i believe the parents' job is to monitor their kid's net use, not the state)

3-anything that has potential to cause great harm.. e.g. how to build your own plutonium a-bomb.. etc.. but i'm in doubt about that, coz these evil people will not need to goto google or wikipedia to find how to kill people!

that's all folks.

Al-ain Rose said...
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Al-ain Rose said...

.. personally i am against blocking anything..

No, a bit of restriction as to internet access can be healthy buj.But we've been getting everything randomely blocked by Etislat which is really really annoying.

rosh said...

I agree with Rose, an amount of internet restriction is healthy. As people, I don't think, we (can) handle absolute freedom of anything in its true sense -- be it speech, internet, hell, even diet. Just look around us. There is mucho crap out there. I've always believed one of the nicest things growing up in the UAE (the UAE in the 70's/ 80's) was the amount of protection (or ban) in place.. maybe it was too much, and maybe those who chose to seek and find, eventually did -- however, despite the constant la la land ways, I think it did guard us from the wild wild world of the naughty birds and the bees :)

Man it took me about 30 mins to complete this comment...busy busy..

rosh said...

by we, I mean - we, the people / human beings.

BuJ said...

Rosh and Rose!

Good morning!

seems both of you do not read my comments till the end.. Although I would personally like no censorship, I clearly stated that some things HAVE to be blocked, and I stated the reasons too.

If you re-read my comment, I mentioned the word "block" and "ban" six times..

please guys, fully understand what i wrote before shooting me down!

for example, what do u think about the 3 grounds for banning? or is it too weak?

KJ said...

I kept playing it back again and again.... oh the satisfaction!

rosh said...

Hey BuJ -- I concur with everything you've said. I am extending similar views on the supposed 'freedom' -- the infinite freedom on just about everything I hear these days from folks I converse. On one hand freedom is critical to shape who we become and who are today. On the other, freedom comes with an incredible amount of responsibility which require mature thought & actions -- not every individual may possess. It's a tricky balance of equation Etisalat (or any government or agency) may want to handle. So, yes, essentially, I concur with the 3 points you've listed..and sound like some broken record.

BuJ said...

Kj I'm glad to see u and glad ur getting satisfied by a video!

Imagine the real thing everytime our net is cut off and were given a half baked lie by the pr guys!

Mr rosh!

Absolute freedom comes with infinite responsibility

Ur a very very wise man mashallah

May u marry a fawcett!