Saturday, 22 May 2010

RIP to aircrash victims

On a flight from Dubai to Mangalore (not Bangalore) yesterday disaster struck as the plane tried to make a tricky landing at what is called a "tabletop" runway. i.e. one which is proceeded with a valley or a drop that makes overshooting the runway a scary adventure.

Sadly 158 out of the 160 passengers perished. Even more sadly, the flight departed from Dubai and included a Gulf News member of staff who perished as well. Incidentally, it was Gulf News that rocked my morning by reporting this sad piece of news.

Before people get too excited, the pilot was British with more than 10,000 flying hours and 26 landings at Mangalore. The co-pilot was Indian, and although he had less flying time than his Captain, but, he had more landings under his belt on this dangerous strip.

May they rest in peace.


Californian said...

Too many accidents are happing these days.It is really sad.

Stained said...

The last tweet made by one of the dead keeps playing over and over again in my head. Really makes you understand that the things we take for granted can be taken away from us in an instant.

Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji’oon

Al-ain Rose said...

That's so tragic.. RIP

global said...

Hi BuJ
Planes scare me!
This is the 2nd plane accident occurred during this month. So tragedy! May Allah protect us and our lovers.

BuJ said...

salam Rose.. sorry i cannot find ur comment.. i got the e-mail but couldn't approve it!!

sorry guys.. it's a sad incident.