Wednesday, 5 May 2010

IDF Internet Troll


I won't copy/paste anything here except the hilarious troll picture.. so please click on the article and enjoy!

Thanks Abu al Kabab!


ultra[blue] said...

Ahahahaha! For a second I thought it was a figure of sonic the hedgehog!

信皇雯豪 said...
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Rationality said...

Those are stupid statics; people who are using the internet are not isolated from what’s happing there in Palestine! There is no Muslim would accommodate Israelis. They are trying to fix their image globally but that is all waste of time and money, those bastards reputation would be the same dirty ever more.
I like your blog BuJ
Thanks for sharing

BuJ said...

Rationality thank you for your wise and kind words

Wise in their treatment of the palestinian issue and kind in your description of my blog :)

If I were jewish and israelis I would go for full peace with the arabs

If I get just the palestinians to sign with me then egypt and jordan can't say a word
Even iran will be isolated

I'd get peace on z holy land by starting to treat muslims and jews as humans with equal amount of respect

Actually u gave me a good idea for my next posts

Anyway wishing u a good day R


Rationality said...

you are welcome

They just wanna dominate the world and the funny thing is they declared the fight on terror!

I agree with you, If their way of thinking is just like you the ward "terror" would be abolished from the world, ur peaceful & logical guy with great mind mashallah. May Allah protect you.

By the way, I like your blog whenever I have free time I go even to your old posts to enjoy reading :)

BuJ said...

Allah ye7fathk ya Rationality :-)

Oh, don't go too deep into my archives.. thank Allah I deleted the old blog.. i used to be much more outspoken back then .. 2005 and after!

now i'm older and not much wiser hahaha