Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Blue Waters - Jewish Piracy

As you know, the Israelis have have boarded an international aid ship heading for Gaza while it was in international waters and murdered 19 of its members. The ship was carrying the Turkish flag and Turkey as well as all Muslim and Arab nations are furious, the world is furious too at this act of state-sponsored barbaric piracy by the Middle East's "only democracy".

Democracy my ass...

Coming soon.. more stuff on this.. but until then I leave you with this excellent cartoon by my friend Carlos Latuff.

More info:

Carlos Latuff on Twitter
Carlos Latuff on Deviant Art



Is it OK to chant "down with Israel?"

I wouldn't mind also driving the Israeli state to the sea since they seem quite at home there.


Tainted Female said...

My God I must be living in the boonies... I heard NOTHING of this until your blog...

:( Media in the west sucks.

El Shahlab said...

TF, it was over-shadowed by BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

That is, unfortunately, the news of the hour in the US.

But I see a lot of similarities between two stories..

Black, harmful material to the environment and humanity, and that is expanding and is unstoppable in the sea...

and Israel?

BuJ, btw it seems we both posted the same image :)

BuJ said...

hi Tainted.. thanks for that.. it's sad.. about the western media.. thank Allah i'm not in the UK no more!

El Shahlab.. great minds think alike!!!

agreed with you on your points.

am trying to get Carlos Latuff published in arabic newspapers.. any idea how?

he's a frigging genius

Rationality said...

Hello BuJ;
How are you doing?
Well, Israel is a threat to peace; people who stand in its way will jeopardize their lives.

The politics is always unfair politicians make verdicts by criteria that satisfies the strongest, like we are living in a jungle and nobody can stop this global fiasco!!
kind regards

El Shahlab said...

BuJ, have you tried contacting Al Khaleej or Al Ittihad newspapers? Showing them samples of his work?

I agree that more people should see his work. Apparently he is more active in electronic media rather than printed media.

**This is off-topic, but I promised you a review of new coffee maker on my blog a while ago, here it is:


Al Sinjab said...

Hey Buj,

Don't know if you'd remember me...it's been a couple years but I'm forever indebted to you for painstakingly writing out those piano notes. I hope you're still composing :)

I'm doing some research on UAE bloggers and I'd like to ask you a couple questions. If you're interested, could you please email me at, alsinjab at gmail.

Peace dude.

rosh said...

Hey Tainted, long time no speak. Hope things are well. BTW, unlike the Jew controlled media here in America, the CBC has extensive, balanced coverage on the issue. I miss the CBC and its news readers. Good stuff.

rosh said...

Hey Chez wass up? Another, long time no speak out to you! LOL!

DoTs... said...

Love Carlos's work ! he says it in a colorful nice way!! looking forward to the rest of the "coming soon" part ;)

BuJ said...

Dots.. thanks for passing by.. you know i'm exhausted from debating with mainly dumb people.. but i want to write and write about this stuff, but what is the point?

Still, I'm thankful for outlets such as youtube that make it harder for the zionist state to hide its crimes.


Hello Rationality.. thanks for your comment.. I'm doing well and how about u?


El Shah.. thanks for that.. I'll follow it up!
Thanks for the coffee link.. it looks good but it's German, no? They are better in beers not coffee hehe


Al-Sinjab.. it's a pleasure to see you here and YES i do remember! I never forget a good blogger :)

One e-mail coming up!


Mr Rosh.. always good to read your comments here buddy :)

Rationality said...

Hi BuJ; ur welcome, I'm still alive thanks for asking :)