Monday, 24 May 2010

Nina Simone - My Baby

A classic...


hnd said...

Just love it!

If you could find something similar for Louis Armstrong's "You have all the time in the world" that would be absolutely fantastic!!!!

Rationality said...

Good morning BuJ;

Nice choice I loved it...
Your choice in music is splendid.
Waiting for more to hear.
Have a good day

BuJ said...

salams Hend.. thnx for ur comment..

why don't u search for louis armstrong on youtube and see if u get lucky..

i will check it too and see what i get :)

it's a bit surreal.. no?

Rationality.. ya hala.. glad u liked it!!!
good music is welcome anytime :)

have a lovely day

DoTs... said...

nina simone - feeling good is my fav

i love her voice

Vleeptron Dude said...

Salam Buj --

In October we left the city for a cabin in all that Nature you long for. Winter almost killed this lifelong City Boy -- but not quite (and there were even lovely moments in bleak winter).

But I was sooooooooo ready for Spring, and when it finally arrived, George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun" began playing in my head.

I know and love Nina's stuff, but I'd never heard her cover of "Sun" before. I think it's enchanting, and shows a gentle, even mystical side to her which she rarely reveals.

Please check it out and I hope you enjoy it:

Yeah, I've tested this Nature & Woods deal for you ... and your instinct is good, it's The Place to Be! (The cats think so too -- we just can't let them out at night because Wild Things would regard them as snacks.)

BuJ said...

hi guys.. oops.. i'm becoming very slow with replies!

dots, thnx for that nina simone video.. it sounds beautiful and sad.. serious stuff!

hello Vleeptron.. and welcome to my blog..
so you are a city boy that likes a bit of nature? :)