Monday, 10 May 2010

We love Iran

This is a post specifically for our new commentor Mr/Ms DGray who would like to comment about Iran.

Anyone wishing to talk about Iran, please pour your comments into THIS post.


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LATE NIGHT EDIT 10/5/2010 10.00pm

I got this article from a Jewish newspaper in Israel...,7340,L-3881674,00.html

Don't worry it isn't blocked by eatzeft...

"Iran protests UAE 'occupation' remarks

Islamic Republic's state TV says country's foreign ministry summoned United Arab Emirates' top diplomat in Tehran following 'irresponsible and uncalculated' comments over Gulf islands dispute

Associated Press Published: 04.27.10, 17:43 / Israel News

Iran's state TV says the country's foreign ministry summoned the United Arab Emirates' top diplomat in Tehran to protest against comments made by the UAE foreign minister on the ownership dispute between the two nations over three islands in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

The Tuesday report says the envoy was summoned to protest the "irresponsible and uncalculated" remarks by the Emirates' foreign minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Al Nahyan last week called on Tehran to end its "occupation" of the islands.

The UAE claims ownership of Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs islands at the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has controlled the islands for close to 40 years."

To be honest.. as much as I admire the Iranian people I believe the Iranian Gov should have a big fat middle finger shoved not only in its face (as shown in my last post about Iran here) but shoved somewhere else too.

I have to stress that some of my best friends are Iranian and they are lovely and classy people. However this government is very lame and they are point blank occupying our lands. Moreover, they are very aggressive towards anything in the Arabian Gulf. Just coz they call it the Persian Gulf they feel anything that comes in contact with it will become Persian. How stupid.

Just like the 3iyam in the UAE (Emaratis from Iranian decent). Some of them are cool, but a good part of them are very racist towards Arab Emaratis. They still have their own language at home etc even though they are recognised as full Emarati citizens by law, yet they insist on speaking a version of Farsi at home. The federal UAE law clearly states that Arabic is the official language of the UAE, so you'd expect that UAE citizens would at least use this language at home, no? Funny if Barack Obama speaks in Spanish to his kids, and Sarkozi speaks in English, and Putin speaks in Chinese.. not good.

If Iran really wants to become a better place then why not abandon their stupid nuclear plans or modify them to follow the UAE's model (we're building powerplants but we won't touch the fuel, it will get imported, used, then exported). Let them enter into an arbitration process with the UAE to sort out the islands issue. Honestly, I don't think the UAE really needs them, but if we're treated with respect I am sure the UAE will be happy with a compromise. Plus, hold on a minute. Iran is known to be a country of intense cultural diversity (Farsi, Pashtu, Azeris, Yazidi, Arabs etc all live in Iran) and it's much much bigger than the UAE, so really, do they need those pesky islands? By the way, as far as the UAE is concerned, we still have UAE citizens living on the 3 islands that Iran is making life very difficult for them. Also, Iran should not steal any oil under the lands surrounding the Islands until the conflict is resolved.

I can go on for a while.. but that's enough for now.. what do you think Miss Gray?


DGray said...

im lost for words.

a WHOLE (and hopefully unlimited in its scope) post on my 3rd most favourite nation in the universe?!


anyway questions. i dont know if this is of particular interest to anyone but i was speaking to some bahraini friends recently on the possibility of a nuclear-armed iran in the future and they said they felt greatly threatened by it.

i mean obvously, i'm aware the West is visibly anxious about the mad mullahs having nukes but are you gulfies bothered? I know why bahrain is bothered too since Iran stupidly considers the island its 14th province but i'd like to know the bigger gulf stance on it. do you see it as a way for Iran to spread its Shia beliefs? a way of achieving dominance in the M.E under the pretence of peaceful purposes?

considering that the Gulf region's military powers leave a lot to be desired regardless of the billions spent at arms expos, of course.

ps: i am a miss dgray.

hemlock said...

well. i quite like iran. the way it makes the americans p*ss in their pants.

(that's probably the only reason i like them).

Dubai Jazz said...

I like Iran. I dislike their theocracy.

It's really quite simple.

BuJ said...

hello Miss Gray.. glad ur lost for words, but not for long coz i see you've posted quite nicely.

by the way, i've made the post longer, so go back and hit reload. and tell me what u think.

an old friend kindly provided me with more material for this blog post :)

but to answer ur comment.. well iran feels EVERYTHING that touches the holy water of their shitty persian gulf becomes iranian (btw the gulf isn't shitty, it's the other word).

so they feel parts of iraq are theirs.. bahrain is theirs.. the gulf is theirs.. the 3 emarati islands are theirs.. hell, they even think the Hormouz Strait is theirs.. and threatened many times to restrict oil tanker flow thru it.

(btw the UAE is building an oil pipepline from fujeirah to the Arabian gulf to bypass Hurmouz)

anyway.. i think we have more in common with the iranian people than with others, and we should be working with Iran and not have Iran against us.

come to dubai and see how open the city is.. it's full of iranians and they can buy land and goods, open businesses and live a peaceful life here with no problems from the people or state.

however i visited iran just once and i remember a waiter refused to serve me food and kept shouting "arabistani" at me.

ok he's a low class waiter, but wait a minute, at least i can come from an open country that has a high proportion of iranians in it.. and we treat them well.. etc..

it's not a good indicator but it gives u an idea of how much we're hated as Arabs.

BuJ said...

oh PS.. i realised my comment doesn't match the title of the post very well.. but the comment boils down to the fact that i think we need to be more united with Iran than behave as adversaries.

however, one main point why iran is loved by arabs is the way they make america feel.. hehe.. and i think hemlock knows what i mean :)

Rationality said...

Hi there BuJ;
Iranians have thrived on nuclear ambiguity; they understood the reality of post-Cold War Power to attain influence in the Middle East and beyond. Plus The United States may never know when the Iranians decide to make the leap from a civilian nuclear program to a weapon. As long as the mullahs keep that uncertainty alive, they “win”.

Inasmuch as US could not cease the Iranians nuclear program, do you think that UAE could get its three islands back peacefully! And what if Iran insisted on possess those three islands? How could our country deal with them whereas as you mentioned previously the two nations have strong relationship and some of Emirati’s have Iranian roots, and they even still speak parish at their homes!

It’s the dominating era. The Iranian governors love to be a dominated and that makes them insist in both: have our former three islands and progressing their nuclear power programs.

Eventually hope UAE and Iranian governors amend the situation peacefully cuz we love Iran.

global said...
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Rationality said...

Good morning BuJ;
I just found out the following comic take a look plz :)

JC said...

What motivated Iran to annex the 3 Emarati islands?

DGray said...

If Iran really wants to become a better place then why not abandon their stupid nuclear plans or modify them to follow the UAE's model (we're building powerplants but we won't touch the fuel, it will get imported, used, then exported).


none of the Gulf States should have nuclear ability at all. it doesn't make sense to have more than two challengers in a dispute like this and the whole import/use/export thing reminds me of lesser states (Canada, Ukraine etc) giving away their fuel rods to appease those who do have a nuclear arsenal. excuse my French but in my world that's called being a pussy. it's all about looking good in the international community with some sort of UN crab mentality. put simply Gulf States aren't taken serious and in the event of a nuclear Gulf, it'll be a gift horse for the US and Europe as there is no way the Arabs will EVER have a say on it.

why bother! save Iran and Israel(who have enormous scientific establishments) the Middle East really does not have ANY major players.

Iran on the other hand SHOULD have a nuclear arsenal. i don't believe for one second that those idiots would use it on Israel or America as they're too vain to wipe them outselves out so i firmly rule out the possibility of war. they lose 60 billion dollars per annum + frozen assets of $20 billion as a result of these sanctions and it has been going on for 30 FUCKING YEARS?!

why give up now? imagine how pissed the general public would be if it all came to nothing. assume that it's a matter of national pride and not just a 'pesky' plan.`

as for the islands it's waaaaaay too late for the UAE. you had your chance and you blew it because while the UAE was politely toeing the line, Iran was stabbing you in the back and you guys did NOTHING about it. you guys (well, Sharjah) and Iran agreed to a 50% share of Abu Musa as well as allowing the Iranians military control in exchange for sovereign control.

you know what happened then? they took ALL THREE islands when they were alloted only 0.5 out of 3 and nobody did anything other than sigh and roll their eyes.


btw i discount all historic claims made by nations as what New York is today could be Karachi tomorrow. any country is fair game.

BuJ said...

Dear DG...
here's a mini quick reply.. not everyone wants to enrich uranium coz not everyone might be upto the task, or up to paying for it.
personally i think either everyone is allowed to own nukes (iran included) or everyone has to disarm (israel included).

that's only fair.

Anonymous said...
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rosh said...
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rosh said...

Mullah sorority sissies = evil

Persian culture, poetry, food, beautiful people = heavenly

Politics is complicated / beyond me.

BuJ said...

Rationality.. very interesting comment.. and did you notice that your comment is still very valid if you replace the word "iran" with "israel" ?

still, our stance on iran isn't unified and iran is getting away with some things etc.. but you have to think how important are some of the things we "complain" about in the uae!

sometimes all you wanna do is make some noise :-)

The cartoon you sent is hilarious!!!! It's a bit unrealistic, but still very very funny.. oh well .. u know in arabic we say " sharr al baliya ma yud7ik"!

DGray.. following up on my earlier comment.. i'd be much more comfortable if neither Israel, Iran, Pakistan or India had nuclear weapons..

Add to that list the USA, Russia, UK and France too...

but anyway, who am i to say that?

Rationality said...

BuJ...Yes I did, that’s why I said its dominating era. Because there are couples of countries which aiming to dominate the rest by owning the nuclear power, to them it’s like a threat and power resource!

LOL indeed " sharr al baliya ma yud7ik"!