Friday, 30 April 2010

Ducati 796

Beautiful beyond words...

Please view the video directly on youtube due to formatting reasons...



hemlock said...

dunno buj; my mind wandered off to imagining emi boys from sharjah doing wheelies on beach road to impress emi girls in cayennes.

Jazzical Aficionado said...


When you copy the embed html link off Youtube, you can resize the width & height. For width, reduce to 450 from 660. Do this in the first line as well as the last and you're good to go.

FYI, the 450 I use on my page because I was able to resize my template. You can tweak as per your own requirements.

Good Luck and don't hesitate to drop me an email in case you require any assistance.

Jazzical Aficionado said...

Totally forgot to mention this in my earlier comment. That's an awesome piece of engineering marvel.

BuJ said...

hahaha hemlock!
cracked me up.. but let me part with an important fact for u

before i divulge the fact, i wanna ask where did u imagine the sharjah boys strutting their "stuff"? in dubai or sharjah? or better still, in ajman?

as for the fact.. well.. very very few ducatis exist in the uae for the following reasons:

1- too expensive (why pay 80k when a japanese will do for 40k?)

2- no approved dealer in uae (although i wouldn't change my mechanic for anything! he knows ducati inside out)

3- most ducatis have air-cooled engines which makes them simpler than water-cooled but not as effective or efficient in the hot temperatures. i rode my bike from dxb to alain once and they thing was on the brink of overheating.. i was doing 120kmh only, which for these bikes is a warming-up exercise!

4- brand ignorance. in the land where land cruisers and nissan patrols are king, there is no room for an italian delicacy. at the same time, merc do not make bikes and bmw bikes haven't really been a mainstream affair.

i can go on and on, but there u go. for example, i ride an older ducati and am reliable informed that there are only 4 models like mine in dubai. that kinda makes me happy and sad at the same time. happy coz i'm driving something rare, but sad because they are lovely bikes, and i'd like to see more of them here. everyone knows harleys, but ducatis are not.

ok, emis are rich, but they are not stupid.. for them a bike has to have two wheels and make a lot of noise. you can buy a cheap japanese (that is also fast, but no ducati) and spend 5k dhs on a loud exhaust and ta da.. you're done. so why pay almost 40k extra for an italian when the japanese can sell u the same basic facts (i.e. 2 wheels and a lot of noise)?

ok, sorry for rambling, but i guess i've made my point! but i'm very passionate about this sort of thing, and only wanna see ducatis in the right hands. if u see an emi in a ducati doing a wheelie for an emi girl, and give me proof, i'll sell my bike.

it just won't happen.

BuJ said...

dear Jazzy!

thanks for the comment and hint.. i tried to resize to the smallest default on youtube, but it's still too wide. i was thinking of modifying the numbers in the code myself, but not sure what ratios should i use.. for example,

if u reduce the width from 660 to 450, you still need to reduce the height from 350 or something, to something less..

anyway i'll experiment now and let's see, i'll try to use the same ratio for consistency.


BuJ said...

Jazzy.. glad u liked the bike :)))

how's the video size now? i made it 380 wide x 236 high.

seems ok on my tiny 12" powerbook pro G4 (it's ancient!)

Anonymous said...
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Jazzical Aficionado said...


380 width is perfect. However, you can increase the height. But this looks cool on both; my desktop as well as my iPad.

Rationality said...

BuJ... Enjoyable video, wish I can ride it one day *mission impossible* XD.
It's interesting but somehow I find riding it is reckless.

BuJ said...

oh, if u increase the height, won't the resolution be affected?

i have a small screen, 12" and anything more than 380 wide is bad!

inshalla new blog template will come out soon, so more space i hope.

BuJ said...

Rationality! welcome!

btw, i used to be like you until i was forced to think of an alternative transport mode when i was in london.. so i got a cheap small vespa that was 10 yrs old.. i loved it and it cut my work commute from 60-80 min to 15 min everyday!!!!

the only thing is that i needed waterproof clothes, but i'm cool with that.

it was fun

then after my licensing stint, i got the ducati :)


Jazzical Aficionado said...


For height, I recommend 300 or slightly lower.

Go for a 3rd party template. There are some cool & elegant ones out there, not dull & boring as Google's stock templates.

Rationality said...

Sounds helpful.
Wish you enjoy riding it safely.

No need to advise you about driving safely since you wrote and classified the lane animals in uae, and how much they drive you crazy lol
But be careful it's still dangerous.
take care

BuJ said...


Thanks for the advice bro. Glad the video is
Displayed nicely now


Thanks for ur kind words
Btw in my experience of riding (I started out of need in london)
Riding a bike is 98% observation
And 2% riding skill

So even the best riders need to just focus on others, mainly cars and trucks

I miss my london days. Ok it'll be cold and dark and wet but still its a lawabiding city and cars and polite towards bikers
Additionally u don't have to pay z congestion charge for bikes there coz they do not cause congestion
Elementary. I know