Monday, 7 September 2009

Tsunami too late?

Please have look at this amazing poster. Originally from WWF but I got it from (thanks!).
The question is if the Tsunami hit the USA in 2001, would they have invaded the sea instead of Afghanistan and Iraq?


Samer said...

I like your observation! They probably would :)

Samer Marzouq

Dubai Jazz said...

Although I understand the point this illustration is trying to make, I still find it uneasy to digest.

It's probably a little crude....

muphrida said...

I find Americans to be quite apathetic. In my classes with them, the times I remember they would be emotionally moved was when they were shown anything about the troops overseas or 9/11. Striking a personal chord could be an effective method to get them to try to feel for others, and to put in context the scale off their tragedy with that of others. (natural or otherwise.)

rosh said...

OKiii that just made the tummy churn. I saw 9/11 - live. It was nothing like those scenes on the tele. I actually saw the 2nd airplane go into the tower - LIVE. I saw people (at first I couldn't tell it was people...I was perhaps 9/10 blocks and 4 avenues, afar) jump off the 80's and higher and it made people sick from the 'shock & awe'... WOW downtown was surreal that day and the days after. I am no American or patriot - but I think human beings hit a low point, again, that day - and we continue to hit the lows. There's more hatred and agony toward each other than there is kindness and understanding. Growing up in the UAE and now having had the opportunity to live here in America, deep inside, beneath all that emotions and cultural values, guns and roses, people are just people, with bleeding hearts that beat. It is the government / leaders and special interests who help create differences & the divide.

Anyhooo I'm not sure why I'm saying all this here?

And in response to your Q - nah, they'd just take over the universe instead with the help of He-Man :)

BuJassem said...

Seems I am pissing off some people who would rather disagree with me in their own little corners rather than directly on the comments page here:

Samer, DJ, muphrida, and Mr Rosh.. of course the poster is a bit crude.. very very crude and made me uncomfortable.. but how many of us experienced death and destruction first hand? Not many I guess. New York did on that fateful Tuesday and it was a sad day for humanity. However if this happened to a village in Iraq or in Gaza, would you care as much? Would the world notice?

My point is that look where the Afghan and Iraq wars have taken us? Is it safer in the world? I don't think so, it might even be less safe. You can't take your shoes on a plane without being searched and cannot take toothpaste even without it being less than 100 ml. Talk about freedom!

If you look darker than your typical white American and speak funny then you'll be detained as a combatant or whatever rubbish they chose to call as law in the USA. However, when the UN pushes a resolution criticising Israel, the USA raises this thing called a veto.

Like everyone knows, when you buy property you need to think of three things: location, location, location... and this is a lesson that the terrorists (as well as the US government) has learned very well.

I pray for peace.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

I dont pray for peace. If the world were at peace I'd have little to bitch about.

I was happy when 9/11 happened. Happy because the true, the cold hard truth was that Americans are BETTER! HIGHER! and on a totally different plain as us sorry mortals.

9/11 reminded them that that just isnt true.

Am I sad that 3000 people had to die for them to learn this lesson? NOPE. People die every day. The US has CAUSED more deaths in the last 3 decades than any terrorist, combatant, or whatever has.

People are people, and yes, the majority of people, here, there, anywhere, have a life and want to live it. You're born and you die and in between most just want to get on with their own stuff.

Still not sorry it happened. Infact I kind of wished a 3rd plane had hit the statue of liberty.

BuJassem said...

Sorry ABIT.. i disagree with you big time on this.. so what do you pray for?

Doesn't Islam itself mean peace?

I wasn't happy about 9/11 because:

1- Innocents died
2- Arabs/Muslims will get screwed and they did get screwed as a result.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

The words "Innocent" and "American" dont go together in my mind. Sorry. NO American is innocent.

As for what I pray for... Good Harees. God knows the stuff I had today was bad.

I pray that people learn how to be happy with what they have. To mind their own business. and mind their own places.

If every person did his/her part when it comes to HIS house and HIS neighbors, a chain effect would take place, and the world would be in a much better place.

As for Islam, technically it means Submission to the will of God. Salam is peace.

I do however see what you are saying. islam is a religion that is peaceful EXCEPT when you are in a state of war.

We are in a state of war. And every time I see an American soldier die on CNN I laugh my ass off.

It really is what they deserve.

mmolisky said...

I hope I don't cause too many ripples here, I just have a different point of view on this. It seems that all I am reading here is HATE,HATE,HATE. America has done its share of bad things just like EVERY other country on earth has and will, it's the people who are in power that are at fault.

For well over half a century countless trillions of dollars have been pouring into Arabic countries buying oil. Where is that money now?? It's been used so greedily that the Arabic countries have the biggest gap between rich and poor people this earth has ever known. It could have been used to provide jobs and lift its people up. Pretty sad.

Islam?? I have a deep and profound respect for all religions on our earth. It's what makes humans special to know and realize there is a greater power in the universe. But why does it seem like Islam is the only religion on earth that is constantly calling for the "killing" of people who do not think as they do on a constant basis? I could be wrong so please point it out if I am but I don't know of any other religion who is doing this horrible thing in this day and age.

I believe we all worship the same God, it is just that through the ages "PEOPLE" who seek power have changed and tweaked the system to get a group of people to "follow" them to gain power for themselves.
Hence we end up with a whole variety of religions who distrust each other, really a sad state of affairs.

Don't forget, before you decide to "hate" something, look deep inside your soul and ask yourself as many questions as u can to find out who you truly are.

God bless you all.

BuJ said...

hello mmolisky,

thanks and welcome for your comments.
i agree with you on the hate issue... seems it's rampant.. a lot of it is due to misunderstanding of the others' viewpoint.

as for the muslim world... i believe we're going through a negative period that might last a few centuries... everyone has their brains switched off.. and the only ones that get heard are the ones that interpret islam as being hateful and murderous.. when it's against the very essence of the religion whose name means "peace" if you translate it literally from Arabic.

i pray for a better tomorrow.

PS: thinking of the title of this 3 yr old post, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan now.