Sunday, 13 September 2009

MKD Piano Music - A Challenge

In my previous version of this blog, I used to enjoy blogging about my piano improvisations and compositions. I reached my 14th album when life took a turn and I had to abandon my project. The good news is that I am back, and I am trying to find a way to re-publish the music. I am eternally grateful to Secret Dubai for allowing me kind access to her server to upload my music over the years. However, since I am in the UAE at the moment and something happened on the proxy front, it seems that SD's domain is blocked (makes me miss the UK). However this also means that most of my avid UAE-based readers cannot get access to my music.

So the quest is to find a way to upload my mp3 files so that my blog readers can download them. I don't even mind having to pay Etisalat for this, but would rather not because I don't like them. So, if anyone has any ideas then please let yourselves be heard!


soreal said...

this could be of help

BuJ said...

Thanks darikie.. I signed up with the luxies but i need to spend a bit more time to figure out this stuff with formats.

apparently they don't allow you to upload mp3s and other common-sense formats, and u have to use things like WAV instead. That's dumb, (or i am on drugs, which I am), since 3 Mb in mp3 = 30 Mb in Wav!

am i missing something?

anyway will investigate it further and report back.. this is my initial report.. oh, i need more sleep , and drugs....

hope ur well. thanks agains.

samuraisam said...

Hey Buj,
Can give you an FTP account if you want.

Otherwise I'd recommend uploading them to youtube as its pretty much the easiest method for people to watch/listen to stuff.

nzm said...

BuJ: ask Louis over at The Journey of Life. You know that he's always uploading music!

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

BuJassem, Just start a myspace music page.

BuJ said...

Samurai Sam, Thanks for the kind offer!! I think youtube is best (even thought you cannot download stuff), but is there an easy way to upload mp3s to youtube instead of video files?

Plus people can quickly move to another song or close the youtube video if they don't like it, but with mp3 you have to download mb after mb.

Will definitely investigate :) Lateral thinking, i like it!

NZM, good idea! I will look into it!

ABIT: Thank you. I tried myspace and really really do not like it!

sonia said...

just wanne say hello from Belgium

A Blessing in Tragedy said...


samuraisam said...

If you have windows movie maker or something like imovie its easy enough to put stuff up, just use a still image with some music in the background. Set it so the audio is of decent/higher quality and the picture quality can be anything.

If you have a cam you could film yourself playing the piano (even if its just your hands on the keys or something) and that would work just as well.

The other benefit of youtube are user reviews and it is much easier for people to listen, I would expect more people to watch youtube than to download an mp3.

BuJ said...

Thanks very much Sam,

In the last few days I been playing with iMovie (since I have a mac) but without much success. I can't believe i been scouring the net for programs to convert files when I have iMovie as standard!

I uploaded two videos from my music (mp3 converted to mp4) on youtube but they took it down coz i suppose it didn't have a video image. Will try to figure out how to add an image then upload.

I agree with you coz ppl will be more likely to watch, comment, and click youtube links than full mp3 downloads :)

Media Junkie said...

Why not look to podcasting sites. If you want to publish audio files, you can check out

I tried starting an online podcast, but never got around to it - you can check my few stuff there: Mars FM

It's free, and basic storage seems ok. but if you want greater bandwidth and storage, there are different payment plans.

Hope that helps :)