Friday, 11 September 2009

9/11 Eight Years On

On this fateful day eight years ago more than 3000 people lost their lives in New York city. Unfortunately the murder of those innocents lead to more lost lives all over the world. This day changed our modern world forever, and some might say the change was not for the best.

Murder and war rarely make civilisations stronger nor do they ensure stability. Look at the Pharos, Romans, Greeks, Mongols, Napoleon, British Empire, etc.. they have been well-documented by history. Rather than paint a negative picture let us try to paint a more positive one.

8 years feels like a long time and indeed I cannot remember much about how air travel was prior to 9/11. How uncomplicated. I cannot also remember how easy it was to enter the USA, since I never attempted to do so in the last 8 years. Let us hope that we can change things to the better, to push for more freedoms and civil liberties, to give voice to the weak, and to only use war as a last resort or a no-resort.

Above all, my thoughts go to the families of the initial victims in this domino game of doom that suffered and continue to suffer from 11/9/2009 and onwards. May you reach internal peace and may your loved ones rest in peace.


DoTs... said...

Everything changed.. perceptions..stereotyping.. religion.. war.. definitions.. and history..
Who should we point our fingers to? Probably ourselves for even thinking of pointing fingers ..

loved this post.. the way you wrote it was was .. beautiful

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Dubai Jazz said...

Indeed, nothing is ever the same after the 9/11.

BuJ said...

Thanks DoTs.. "beautifulity" stems from within :)
btw, pointing fingers is better than pointing guns!

BuJ said...

Might be of interest:

Beautifully written (and quoted!)