Monday, 21 September 2009

Trainee Traders

Shaikha Khamis, a student at the Zabeel Secondary School for Girls, had never invested in stocks and shares before, but in her first two weeks of trading she bagged an impressive profit of Dh107,481 (US$29,262).

That represents a return of about 10 per cent on her original investment of Dh1 million, and is the kind of performance that would have experienced fund managers and traders hugging themselves with glee. Not bad for a 20-year-old.

It was impressive enough to win this year’s Summer Stock Game, run by the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), during two weeks earlier this summer.

What fantastic work for these young Emirati women! I wish them all the luck! Luckily, being so young, they have time on their side! Mashalla.


The National 19.09.2009


Al-ain Rose said...

but in her first two weeks of trading she bagged an impressive profit of Dh107,481 (US$29,262).

wow, seems too good to be true.. good for them..

rosh said...

Rose, you're wise. It is too good to be true :) BuJ, the kids was trading virtual money! The difference -- playing monopoly v/s Mr Trump in the real sharky real estate world :)

Please, people, stay away from the Casinos -- stock markets are an evil in capitalistic societies, I believe that. I have friends who've made $100K++ and lost twice as much!

BuJ said...

guys, like i said, it was a simulation not the real thing. mind you, if they had the money in the market, they would have easily made that kinda profit. however they don't mention the ppl that LOST virtual money in the article.

sa7 Mr Rosh about your advice.. btw Mr Trump is a puppet.

Al-ain Rose said...

Someone called me wise :O

21 September 2009 07:48...saved

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

It was a typo. LOL.

I agree with Rosh. I remember ages ago one of my assignments was to open a stock portfolio and use CBS stockwatch )(or was it CNN money watch?) to track them over a 2 month period.

I made over 30K in profit.

That does in NO way = I would be able to pull that off in the real world.

Hell, I own VERY little stock in the real world because I (as Rosh stated) believe markets are infact evil.

But still, good for her for winning the GAME.

BuJ said...

Boys.. Girls.. the point is that they are budding emarati female talent, and that's what i wanted to celebrate, not the details of their game.

they are breaking the stereotype of the financial workers being mainly male or mainly westerners.. and good on them!

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Not to be mean, but with Emarati females such as Al Ain Rose (Bakheelas) I dont see them actually investing their real money. Probably buy another Couchy or Louie Fernandez bag.

Al-ain Rose said...

the point is that they are budding emarati female talent

oh bu jassem, such topics are not prefered by the sexist abit.
delete his comment, he keeps calling me stingy.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

You offered me 1 AED for Eid!

I am not sexist! but it is true, girls these days would prefer a bag or sheila with a logo on it then actual work.

From the age of 15 onwards they are brainwashed into thinking things come easy. It is of course the culture's mistake. Not saying they are born hat way.

VERY few women here actually invest. Usually they sign a POA over to their husband just to regret it when they are put into debt by him.

BuJ said...

guys pls behave! also don't call someone stingy on my blog pls ya abit.. mind you, i don't like to delete comments, and i don't see you deleting his comments on your blog ya rose :P