Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sears Tower Glass Boxes

The Sears Tower in Chicago, USA has recently added a lovely assortment of glass boxes for visitors to marvel at this engineering feat from the 103rd floor!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Al-ain Rose said...

Just looking at the second view gives me a shiver!

rosh said...

It is called the Willis tower now.

I LOVE Chicago! The people are soooooooooooooooo NICE! The city does not overwhelm like NYC. It's plush, green, wide and just beautiful - lots of history (relatively speaking, of course). I love the people there, in some way reminds me of the UAE from the days of the old.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Dude looking over the railing at Dubai Mall makes me Dizzy and screaming like a 10 year old girl.

What kind of maniac would WALK on that?

I am also shivering!

Media Junkie said...

i've heard of stuff like that. those are scary - gives vertigo to even to people with steel ears and stomachs.

wonder when dubai will add one in the new skyscrapers....

Inspire Your Mind said...

Reminds me of the glass floor at the CN Tower in Toronto.. this one must be more thrilling..

Will check it out with my next visit to Chicago..

I just fell in love with Chicago when I was there a couple of years ago.. It was first day of Ramadan and I was there on business; I was really impressed with the welcoming Ramadan and Eid huge greeting posters when I walked into their book store across the street from Macy's..

The entire city is built on the banks of a river.. hopping on a boat touring in between skyscrapers is for sure something not to miss.. amazing.. just amazing :)

Rosh, why are you not posting for ages now ?

BuJ said...

thanks guys.. glad u liked the pics!

i never been to chicago but it's the city of skyscrapers with more of a history than NY

actually SOM, the company that designed burj dubai is based in chicago.. my dream company to work in to be honest.. :)

IYM, it's great to see u here.

Media Junkie, welcome to my blog :) Pls make yourself at home.

Media Junkie said...

thank you. really. thank you :)

BuJ said...

Media Junkie.. you're welcome.. I am glad you enjoyed this :) Come back often!

kinziblogs said...

BuJ, now this was the first post I ever saw at your blog, and those pics scared me from my screen!!!

I lived in Chicago for awhile, and we took the kids through last summer. We looked UP at the Sears (twil always be Sears to me), and they were fascinated at how up UP can be.

Obviously Amman dwellers who have never seen Dubai's highrises. :)