Thursday, 3 September 2009

New York in 1609

This post is dedicated to Mr Rosh, may Allah listen to my prayers and bring him back to the world of bloggers :)

Have you wondered what Manhattan Island looked like before the humans occupied it? If you thought the Americans ruined Iraq (joke!) then have a look at those pictures by the lovely American publication National Geographic.

Have a look at these links:

1- Interactive Map (Recommended!)

2- Main article (a lot of words)

3- Pictures

This makes me think I was born too late!


DoTs... said...

oh what human can do to change things.. :p

but i still like the 2009 version.. . :p

The Contentious Centrist said...

"Have you wondered what Manhattan Island looked like before the humans occupied it?"

Before "humans" occupied it?

rosh said...

Stunning indeed! I think I prefer the island somewhere between 1609 and 2009 :)

All said, kudos to folks who've made this island what it is today. Kudos to its international stature, fame and acceptance - in banking, art, culture, fashion, true multi-culturalism, acceptance and the absolute varied ways of life.

Often when I walk around this island, it's hard to comprehend the options / varieties the tiny piece of island has to offer, almost overwhelming at times, yet there's absolute freedom and a sense of being able to just 'fit in'

Now only if people would appreciate and not abuse the freedoms and lifestyle the island has to offer - ah nothing is perfect when we humans are involved, I suppose :)

Thanks for the dedicated post. Believe me you, if I had the time / energy I'd sincerely post more often. You're a tough PR cookie Mr BuJ.

BuJassem said...

Dots, so have you been to NYC? I never been.. but i think you would somehow enjoy it more than me.. it's got all the techno things that u would love.

Welcome TCC.. not sure if I understand your question. It is obvious there wasn't much human occupation of Manhattan Island b4 the europeans arrived.. so yeah, it's occupation or habitation i guess..

Mr Rosh.. ur the man! Hope you liked the post :)

Tough PR cookie? Man, if I were President, I would ban that job description!! PR not cookies btw :)