Sunday, 21 March 2010

Urbanization (sic) of Dubai

I found these amazing pictures via NASA (I subscribe to the newsletter).
They chart the rapid development of Dubai via sattelite images from 2002 to 2010.
I'll shut up and let the pictures do the talking.

By the way it's worth checking NASA's page on this as they have twice the number of pictures that I have uploaded.


El Shahlab said...

The Palm's branches- sa3af- would be much nicer had they made houses rooftops' tiles green. It'll make the palm branches look green when similar pictures are taken from above.

BuJ said...

better still El Shah, make them green roofs.. i.e. with sedum or other types of materials that are architecturally friendly and won't overgrow or get too heavy etc.. the technology is amazing.. just google "green roof"

they will then water the roof from grey water (i.e. used to wash hands etc)

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain what the differences are? I mean I dont see SUCH a difference where I'd go OH!

BuJ said...

sorry, but i think u need to click on the images to really notice the details and changes, alternatively click on the nasa link and find the "view all" button, or watch them in sequence. amazing!

El Shahlab said...

So 'green' green roofs..
I checked it out. It looks nice. But I am not sure if it stands the weather here and won't get burned by the sun. Then you'll have 'ugly brown' roofs

BuJ said...

El Shahlab.. the important thing is to think green.. then we can solve all probs.

remember the reason population has always been thin here is because of the lack of water.

now we have desalination


we only think of water as a tissue.. use it once and throw it away.

in fact there are many other uses for the same water after us humans are done with it. we just need to put a little bit of effort.

for once, why not use solar panels to heat water? this is completely effortless and means no more water heaters.. assume that no water heaters makes a savings of 5% on your annual water bill.. and your monthly bill is 500 dhs.. that means:

25dhs saved a month
300 dhs saved a year

assuming dubai has 500,000 building units

that gives u

150 million dirhams saving a year.

ok it's much less than how much money a salik gate brings in a month, but hey.. it's a start! and it's sustainable and good for the planet.