Friday, 5 March 2010

UAE Blue Eyes

This is one of the earliest works by one of my brothers.

You know who you are.

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rosh said...

;) My brother (a Columbia grad) works in DXB, often re-narrates, the "home stories" from his blue eyed boss and his days as a butcher in Bristol, prior to moving to the UAE 4 years ago.

So, why is this still happening Mr BuJ. Why are the blue eyed or the blonde and most things external extended an incredible level of importance & belief, to the home bred / grown? When are we going to value and have the confidence within. I'm not saying ALL blue eyes / blondes are this way, of course not. However, from my experiences in the UAE, there's little substance to the more than the some I've come across. I could go on, don't want to anymore. I'm sure I'm going to have some interesting comments come my way :)

What TRULY amuses, are some of those calls from the headhunters, most often based in the UK, on roles in the UAE. We talk / discuss the role, the firm, and then he /s he goes, umm.. "so, why are you interested to relocate to the UAE", and I say, "I've worked there, travelled, did my thing etc etc...I was raised there," -- at which time there is this "silence" , a change in tone... "umm.. our client specifically wants someone from "the west" .. and I go.. "I'm in the West (for the last 10 yrs). I have a CPA, and an MBA from NY... AND everything else (and beyond) your client's looking for" .. followed by more "silence"... :) Eventually, she just went ahead and asked me, "why do I ever want to move back to the UAE" -- meaning if not for the fuloss. And that's when it gets personal.

BuJ said...

Rosh, you speak the truth.

come on, just look at any job ad, and half of them will actually TELL you the ethnicity they want!

enough said.

rosh said...

Thanks BuJ. Not everybody in blue & blonde are undeserving or there for the fuloos / whatever...but, the issue, I think, is with preconceived perceptions (we) the society seem to have created. There is SO much talent IN the country, that's undervalued / never given that chance..Anyway, enough said.

Anonymous said...

Ya 3ammi. I'll do you one better.

Not only does the UAE not want it's local and national talent pools to develop, but in terms of the national talent pool, here is the sad scenario:

We will pay fr EVERYTHING, we will feed you, clothe you, heal you, and educate you. We will spend 10...20 million on you. Im not kidding. if you calculate EVERYTHING from birth till you have your masters degree.

In a sane place this is called an INVESTMENT. And you'd expect a RETURN.

In the UAE, after spending 20 million on you... you're put into an office, maybe its a shitty one, a cubicle, and maybe it's a nice one, but you're put into an office, and given a boss that is in all ways a moron.

You are then asked to shut your mouth, do the bare minimum, and collect your pay, and above all, DO NOT 2nd guess the moron who is your boss (who usually has blue eyes)

Oh, and it gets a bit better! (As if it ever could!!!)

As this is going on, as they have just wasted 20 million on you and now dont want you to apply what you've learned... they get on TV and lie to yur face stating that YOU are the future.

Alot of good that does me in the present.