Thursday, 11 March 2010

Belly of the beast

Some Spectacular footage, even if I say so myself, captured on a Contour HD helmet cam, secured to the the nose gear. The flight was JNB-MPM and we were cleared for a visual approach onto RWY 05 as...


Jazzical Aficionado said...

I'm totally at a loss for words. I could actually feel my jaw hit the floor in awe!

Totally out of this world, the whole video, except the techno jam. Would have been better if we could hear the engine & thrust reverser'.

Truly an engineering marvel!

Jazzical Aficionado said...

Totally off topic here but have you seen and heard this:

That one and some other jazz standards are on my Youtube page. Hope you like 'em!

BuJ said...

glad u enjoyed it Mr L :)

It's great isn't it?

Makes u wanna fly over and over again!!!!! the landing was amazing eh? it's always more fun because the slope is gentler and the speeds are lower.

thanks for the youtube vid.. it's amazing.. but can you call Verdi as Jazz?

I gotta check your youtube page/channel.

Fun-lover said...

I'd rather a vedio on belly dance yo!