Monday, 8 March 2010

Jordanian Bedu

Jo-Bedu or have been kindly introduced to me by the lovely Roba at itoot. They have a cracking collection of t-shirts, and if you're in Amman it's definitely worth paying them a visit.

Here's a selection of their work, you can get more than 400+ pictures on their facebook page:

If you're in Amman please buy me one!


Roba said...

Check this Jo Bedu T too, modeled by me and Moose:

BuJ said...

hehehe this cracked me up ya Roba

love the shoes!!!

meen Moose? anyway he looks rather sizable hehehe.. still, it's great to see a pic of you both!

i don't think mine would be that flattering, even with a cool t-shirt!!

i did get some funky shirts from my visit to Marrakesh.. but those are staying firmly in my closet!

wonder what the non-Arab readers of the blog will think of these jordanian tshirts...

i always do my best to show that jordanian's have a funny side!!

Fun-lover said...

Jordinians? your uncles? for that reason your blog smells awful?

Muscat360 said...

LOOL loved them! Got some similar ones myself, but again, can only wear them at home.. And some just live in my drawer, too risque loool