Friday, 19 March 2010

Emirates or Etihad?

Do you remember this piece of news a few weeks back?

Emirates, the Dubai government-owned airline, said the logo of Gulf rival Etihad Airways appeared on its in-flight entertainment system due to a “technical error.”

The branding of Etihad, owned by Dubai’s neighbour Abu Dhabi, was shown intermittently in the background of a film playing during Emirates flights last month.


Well, seems the tides have turned!

Or maybe it's just me.

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What do you think? Or do I just have too much time on my hands this beautiful Saturday morning?


hemlock said...

emirates doesnt fly from abu dhabi...

and even if it does... remember, "(we) are one"... emirati wa aktakher ;)

hemlock said...

aftakher* even

Anonymous said...

Explain to me again why a country so small needs two major carriers?

BuJ said...

hemlock.. well that's the whole point of the post!!! emirates does NOT fly from AD :D

ABIT.. two cowboys once said "this place ain't big for the both of us"!

go figure!

rosh said...

ABIT: Competition! Choice for the consumer! You would think Etisalat would do better if consumers had a choice? Yes they would.

BuJ, I think end of the day, both airlines have excellent service on board. It's always a pleasure to fly EK. They have made a name for themselves. Etihad, well, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Rosh, Etisalat has a competitor, it's Du.

Two GOVT owned entities controlled by another GOVT entity, the TRA.

Same same here. Two govt entities controlled by the civil aviation authority.

These are guises of competition. We arent stupid.

BuJ said...

i agree, competition is good.

i wanna see shj produce a good airline too

mind u, air arabia is one of the best budget airlines in the mid east.

rosh said...

For a budget airline AA is pretty good. Mom and I flew AA from SHJ airport to Muscat (a 40 mins flgiht) the airport is like 10 mins from our home. The fare Dhs 250 + taxes. It's simple, easy, nothing fancy, just feel good casual flying. The aircrafts are new A320s -- and get this, they are named after the suburbs /towns of SHJ i.e Al Khan, Al Riqqa etc. I thought that was quite nice.