Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Jordanian Clothing Line

This goes out to all my Jordanian friends with all my love.


Roba said...

Haha, you might like this then:!/photo_search.php?oid=2374355051&view=all

BuJ said...

Always an honour to read from you Roba.. how's life tooting these days?

that page is cracking!!!

i'm going to do a special post about it... maybe Jo-bedu will read it and allow me to buy t-shirts online!

if i weren't scared of Jordanian passport control, i'd fly to amman just to get it..

oh darn.. then i have to deal with Jordanian taxis..

ok.. i'll wait!

(3anjad, nawwarat! :)

Dave said...

I love the Jordanian Smile face.