Friday, 19 March 2010

Take Five

So, I was riding in the hood, minding my business, looking for a sand-dune to attack with my new bike, and I come across a boat parked in between two villas. I don't notice it for long and continue riding past in 3rd gear, looking out for any kids that usually play on that street corner.

So, I do my business in the sand, then I come back, a bit sweatier than usual, and I notice the same boat, in the same place, but now I notice the name. It's called "take five" but transliterated (not translated) into Arabic!!!!

I thought I had to take a picture of this in Arabic to show it to my dear friend Louis. So here it is:

What is infinitely more funny is that after taking that picture, I decided to walk around the boat, and I saw something written in English. So I decided to take a snap:

For those of you who have no clue about the subject matter, the boat owner is obviously a Jazz fan, and he's paying homage to the one and only Dave Brubeck and his time-less classic "Take Five"

Enjoy! Thanks Paul Desmond. Shot in 1961.

FYI, back in the early 2000's, I had the honour to meet the great legend himself LIVE at a concert. He kept us waiting for hours and after more than 12 songs, he played Take Five as his last song. It's a brilliant bloody classic!

In case you can't get enough, here is a more recent clip with better sound quality:

Long live Brubeck!

He almost graduated from music school without being able to write music, that's how talented he was!


ultra[blue] said...

Are you the guy on the bike that isnt LICENSED that runs around the fareej?

I'm calling the cops!

The boat is called take five as in take a break. The owner probably doesnt even know who your Jazz guy is.

Back to the bike... I'm really calling the cops! Because the noise at all hours of the night is starting to get to me! And sadly, by the time I get downstairs you are gone!

Fast bike. Damn hate them!

rosh said...

Oh man! I've tried listening to Jazz. It puts me to sleep under 3 seconds lol! Sawwy :)

BTW, " So, I do my business in the sand.." isn't that what cats do? lol again :)

BuJ said...

ABIT is back!!!
3ala fikra, u dunno which freej i am in..
and also not to sound too defensive but i've been driving licensed bikes since before you can drool! i have both a UK and UAE driving licenses for motorbikes. All my bikes are registered and insured. plus my exhaust is standard and not the noisy type. as thus my bike makes less noise than a typical diesel engine for those trucks that carry gas cylinders or oasis water bottles.

anyway i disagree with u, i think the guy knows exactly what take five is.. if he was as ignorant then he would have said "ta3al baacher" or something similar.. out of interest, have you heard of the song take five before this post?

actually, the best arbiter for this issue is the great Jazzical Aficionado, whom has been invited to view this post :)

Mr Rosh, what ru implying here?
u know i love my sand motocross bikes, so i use them to play on the dunes and cut my tracks and not to piss in the sand! maybe better for u to take a nap or two after this music!

rosh said...

BuJ, I read your post once more, and feel completely in the red. It's a thoughtful post from an Art, Jazz lover and a thoughtful musician, you. I've always admired your piano compositions. I never got the jazz bug -- not in my DNA I suppose :) My comment though meant in silly humour was quite out of place, immature and plain stupid. Profound apologies.

ultra[blue] said...

No no! You are for sure the guy in our freej who annoys me at 12:10 every night!

BTW, Jazz is basically the worst type of "music" ever!

BuJ said...

oh, your comments on my blog are one of the worst types of comments ever!!!!

btw, for your info, I'm in bed by 11pm, and i live in dubai, so take it somewhere else.

Mr Rosh, no need to apologise buddy.. music is a matter of tastes, and when tastes do not agree, it doesn't indicate a lack of taste.. i hope you know what i mean.

anyway the post was really meant for my buddy Louis and he's not to be found for some weird reason!!!

ultra[blue] said...

We have no proof that you are in bed at 11! You probably come to Abu Dhabi, JUST to annoy me with your bike and go back home!


BuJ said...

ok, u got me there!

i'll make a deal with you

will admit it if you tell me where you live

if u give me the exact street i will give u the answer immediately and admit to everything

then we can have a life full of fun and admitting to all sorts of evil stuff hahaha

yes Rosh, you can watch too.. hahahahahahhahahaha

or rather be the referee heheheh

blue, u made me laugh wallah!!!