Thursday, 22 October 2009

Extraordinaire instrument de musique

Isn't this just cool?

Fantastic for anyone that loves both engineering and music as much as I do!


Jazzical Aficionado said...

BuJ, you don't happen to own an iPhone do you? There are 3 musical instruments at the App Store that are really addictive if you're interested:


As for this video, the concept is cool but way off from reality!

Paraglider said...

It's been around for quite a while, but good to see it again. A labour of love to design, manufacture and programme something like that!

BuJ said...

Thanks L... i have the iPod Touch and will definitely search for these apps :)
i already have a number of cool aps there :))))
thank you!

Paraglider.. i thought it was an old videoclip but it's the first time i seen it.. great stuff.. i wonder which year it was made in and if there is a web page dedicated to how it was made etc..

if you notice, there is a whining sound from an air pump at the beginning!

king said...

nice animation