Friday, 9 October 2009

Ducati Art

It might not be blazingly obvious that I am a hidden Ducatisti (fan of Ducati) but underneath the stiff-lower-lip lies a great lover of anything on two wheels. If you think the picture above is beautiful, then you might want to see some more here:

Shame the artist is Israeli, but I admit the guy is an excellent artist!


A Blessing in Tragedy said...


I never understood some people's obsession with Ducati. A Suzuki looks 100x better. I just never understood it.

BuJ said...

damn, take that back!
not the kinda comment i want.. this is DUCATI!!!!!!!

Daniel Ba said...

I love me a ducati streetfighter - naked beauty

suzukis are pop

BuJ said...

hala ya Daniel :)

My fav is the Ducati Monster, with the Ducati Streetfighter coming a very close second. The reason is that the Streetfighter is just too big and heavy for me, while il monstro is the right power/weight for me. Mind you, if you do a lot of motorways or straights, the Streetfighter is kind, and if you do a lot of twisty roads or city riding, then it's il Monstro.

Suzukis are for people who are not sure if they want to get into motorbikes :)

BuJ said...


"Streetfighter is kind"


"Streetfighter is king"

Inspire Your Mind said...

Did you join the 'Angels' BuJ ?

BuJ said...

hala IYM.. I'd never join groups like the Angels.
I appreciate good design, that's all :)

Inspire Your Mind said...

I was just teasing BuJ..

We have a big group of that gang both in Ottawa and in Montreal..

Once I went to the observatory by the river just to have some fresh air; and there I saw a man and a woman getting off their motorbikes; it looked like they were lovers.. but hill no, I freaked out given all
Angels' crime stories I keep hearing .. I left the place; no I ran away in no time; got into my friend's car and just vanished from the place :)

I guess it's not that reputable to have one.. not in North America for sure..

BuJ said...

pfew! i thought u were serious for a second.. anyway u know i'm not the type that does gangs etc.

btw, it might seem intimidating to see bikers if you haven't ridden a bike.. but if you have ridden a bike, then you know how vulnerable you are, especially to cars. you might look tough, but indeed you're weak.

bikers can get involved in accidents just from strong winds (e.g. when overtaking lorries), torn tyres on the road, or even small stones on the road when going at high speed, bird strike (ouch), or insect in eyes.. trust me.. all this is bad and this is small stuff.. imagine if a car nudges your bike.. khalas.. byebye.. the ambulance better be there quick.

how's SFO? btw, u HAVE you see these Clint Eastwood movies called Dirty Harry.. they are from the 1970s.. filmed in SFO.. and i am hooked on them! some of them are shot in alcatraz..

Inspire Your Mind said...

SF is a great city.. there is so much to do that you end up doing nothing :)

Not interested in Alcatraz or those haunted places that ppl are excited to see.. I just enjoy a nice weather and a walk by the Bay or the Pacific Ocean..

Tomorrow we'll have an air show; those navy jets will amuse us.. it's a once a year event.. just watching them rehearsing is a wow in fact.. flying over your head and making shapes in the sky.. very powerful attitude and seducing in a way if you know what I mean.. looking forward to watch the entire show tomorrow.. I'm sure it'll be fun :)

rosh said...


Ducati's for the Men. Suzuki and those wannabes are for the little boys :)

Good to hear you're having fun at SFO, IYM. It's true, there's much to do and little time.

BuJ said...

ROSH, you're the man!!!!!

"Ducati's for the Men. Suzuki and those wannabes are for the little boys :)"

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

my previous tattoo artist was an israeli. and im a proud pali! if its a good job its a good job. u cant not admire art just coz its done by a nationality u dont agree with.

ducati is good. but im not nto racing bikes. im a harley girl.

radio moon said...
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