Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Carlos Latuff - Two New Cartoons

BuJ Al Arab proudly presents two of the newest works of the talented Brazilian cartoonist - Carlos Latuff.


rosh said...

I like the first one. Wish Americans, in general, would do the same and say to Israel, enough is enough. Fight your own battles.

DoTs... said...

it is really amazing how the effect of a drawing can be.. sometimes it is better to express politics with the least words.. ;)

Anonymous said...

The 2nd one is genius.

BuJ said...

Rosh.. i couldn't agree more with you.

Dots.. fantastic to read you here :)

ABIT.. glad you like them

Dubai Jazz said...


These are brilliant cartoons. I second ABIT, the second one tells a story in an ingenious simplicity.