Tuesday, 20 April 2010

To all the petrol heads out there..

... here's a present for me to you!

It takes a while to load in the UAE considering some cable near Malta is twisted...

Might be better to view the video directly from the original site (by double-clicking anywhere on the video, except the play button).



BuJ said...

oh yeah, you definitely need to view it on the website, coz i put the smallest video size (580p wide) and it's too wide for my blog template...

apologies.. but u need to see this video

hemlock said...

hahaha! buj! i sent this link to a senior manager in my office who is a REAL petrolhead.

he called me in five minutes later and goes "(it's very unprintable what he said)".

The he showed me the FIRST draft of this ad - along with awesome trivia like how much it cost (i forgot by the time i came back), that it was shot in 8 countries... and that woman who is flipping burgers in hongkong and is starled by the sound - it's a genuine reaction...

(the creative director for JWT is his friend).
just makes it so much more sweeter to watch.

BuJ said...

oh Hemlock! hello ma'am!!!

so you work in advertising?!?!

and ur manager (senior manager) worked on this exact advert?

let's be clear here.. i been trying to hear this advert for 4 days but youtube is down coz the cable is twisted in the med sea.. but this morning i had coffee and stayed sleepy, but then the video loaded and i was fully awake and grinning!!! i posted it immediately after :)

i loved the ipanema beach, and yes i counted at least 3 places..

somewhere in china
ipanema, brazil

so 8 locations is not far off!!!!!!!

why don't u write the trivia properly in a comment then i'll post it with the main post on the main page? pleaseeee!

BuJ said...

ok.. i viewed it again Hemlock:

2- NYC, time square, yello cabs, etc
3- winding sea road - location unknown
4- china, burger maybe hong kong?
5- brazil, loved the change of faces from young black kid to old white woman and hairy dog
6- monaco for sure!!!!
7- back to roma! the petrol guy had a nice lazio accent.. central italy.

Stained said...

Sweet!!!! Nice advertisement!!

hemlock said...

i'm a banker, and the guy who gave me trivia is also a banker - he's just NUTS about cars - and that makes him friends everywhere. (boys' toys and what not)

here's what he said (and i quote):
the guy who conceptualized this ad was working on a shell rig for 12 years - a college drop out.
today he's the global creative head for JWT.

he put together the concept in 2006 (the boss guy showed me a printout of how the ad had been initially envisaged - he IS that fanatic - he keeps printouts from 2006 =).
At that point, he also said to me, "Luke, I am your father").

the initial budget for the ad was USD 6 million. (dont know how much it cost to complete it).

the white exhausts (i think) at 21-24 seconds are from a camera inverted under the car.

winding sea-road - australia
4 is hong kong. everything else is correct. im REALLY impressed.

how DID you guess monaco? unless you've been there =P

the guy at the petrol tank looks at the ferrari and says "not bad".

since ive mailed your blog's link to the guy, i cant go back and ask, cuz im sure he'll come back to take another look and then i'll be busted. :/ sorry =(

Dave said...

A truly brilliant advertisement - but I think I should have turned my speakers down before viewing it at work.....

ultra[blue] said...

some cable near Malta is twisted...

This BS happens 4 times a year. What do they make these cables out of? Fishing lines?

The vid wont load for me, I tried for 1/2 an hour. Im now more angry at Bujassim for posting something I cant watch than I am for the damn cable being a POS.


BuJ said...

ohh glad u liked it Stained!

Hemlock.. wow.. the guy says "non e' male" which means literally "not is bad" hahahha i love italian. the e' is of course from the verb essere which is "to be".

hemlock, i didn't guess monaco, i actually know it's monaco.. i never been there but i love travelling and i consider myself to be well-travelled and of course i remember the places i been to

however this is not how i figured it out, coz i used to actually play a lot of Gran Tourismo on my PS2 back in the days and the Monaco circuit was one of the hardest, so i remembered it.

i was going to answer Cannes but it really looked like monaco, with the twists and all.. but the boats could have indicated Cannes.

Dave.. you don't work in my office.. here, you get more respect the louder u rev your car or the louder u play these videos!

send me your CV hehehe

i'm sorry you're so angry ABIT.. can i help at all?

btw, it took me 4 days to get this video to load.. so give it time.. and try later.

for some reason emails are slower from work, but youtube is working faster from work. so try that.

are you really angry at me for posting a ferrari sound video? oh please!

hemlock said...

buj: are you really angry at me for posting a ferrari sound video? oh please!

hahaha. once i was coming back from abu dhabi and there was a ferrari in front of me... and OMG i died listening to it roar.
needless to say, a soundbite had to be made - BUT... my car kept on beeping about driving a little over 120 =P

this video is still music to my ears.