Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Latuff on Dubai

Simply Brilliant!

Thank you Carlos Latuff

Seems we'll have a busy week with loads of zionist visitors hahaha
Shame they can enter my blog even with an israeli passport :p


El Shahlab said...
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El Shahlab said...

A cartoon is worth a thousand words

rosh said...

Nice ones BuJ. It's disappointing they did this inside the UAE borders. Safety / lack of crime or the espionage, has been its valuable assets. Bastardos, I say. Well on the flip side, I suppose we'd get to see Dubai enter the movies as one of those slick cities, in The James Bond movies, The Bourne series and the likes eh!

The Contentious Centrist said...

I think you are missing the point, buj.

This kind of targeted killing is a saintly response to the crimes the individual has been committing and would continue to commit as long as he is beyond the reach of Israeli law enforcement.

The assassination seems to have been staged for maximum public exposure, to be seen to have been carried out, unlike the usual practice of Mossad, which is stealthy work.

If you don't want to be the target of assassination, you should not kidnap or murder people, nor assault civilians, nor wage war at all when no one is pursuing you and you have available political avenues to pursue your political goals.

Good riddance.

Jews will defend themselves whether you like it or not.

The Contentious Centrist said...

"But what put al-Mabhouh so prominently in Israel’s sights were not his past deeds, but his leading role in the supply of weapons from Iran. As an Israeli reporter put it to me, al-Mabhouh’s death was a “two-fer”—a man who from Israel’s standpoint deserved killing not only for having murdered Israelis in the past, but also because he was buying weapons from Iran that would be used to kill Israelis in the future"

BuJ said...

hmmm CC, i think you are missing the point.. the reason for that is that we always disagree at the most basic level, so of course what I write will appear misguided to you, and what you write will appear as rubbish to me.

This has nothing to do with Jews defending themselves. Go read up on some history and you'll find that the Jews enjoyed the most freedom and protection with Arab/Muslim governments pre-1948.

Remember back 400 or 500 years ago, the Europeans kicked the Jews out who then settled in our lands.

Remember less than a century ago, Europe killed more than 5 million Jews. Again, nothing to do with us, in fact we were next!

Hamas is dangerous, that's for sure, but it emerged as a response to an even more dangerous entity - Israel.

Murderers should always be taken to justice, weather they are Israeli or Muslim or whatever.

I pray for peace...


The Contentious Centrist said...

"Go read up on some history and you'll find that the Jews enjoyed the most freedom and protection with Arab/Muslim governments pre-1948."

I took your advice:

"In the empires resulting from the Arab and Muslim conquests, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians--and later, Hindus and others-- were subjects far inferior in law to Muslims as a class. Tolerated non-Muslims, called dhimmis, were required to pay annual tribute, jizya, for the privilege of living another year. This is grounded in Qur'an 9:29 and remains part of Islamic law to this day, although formally abolished in the Ottoman Empire in 1855. Islamic law still views dhimmis as an occupied population to be "brought low" (9:29 & 2:61). The rules of dhimmi status, dhimma, also provide that dhimmis should not bear arms, that their garments must differ from Muslim garments, that they show deference to Muslims, such as dismounting when encountering a Muslim on the road. Since a horse is a noble animal, a dhimmi must not ride one. Further, a dhimmi's testimony in court is worth half of a Muslim's, etc.

The Danish traveler, Karsten Niebuhr, visiting Egypt in 1761-1762, described dhimmis dismounting in humiliation from donkeys when encountering horse-mounted Muslims on the street. Niebuhr visited Egypt four decades before Napoleon, which is significant because Edward Said argued that similar reports made after Napoleon's Egyptian expedition were invalid since tainted with imperialism.

Moshe Gil found in the Cairo Genizah, a medieval archive of Jewish writings, accounts of impoverishment and suffering caused to Jews in Israel by collection of the jizya and other taxes:

...if you saw who paid all those moneys you would have been astonished and lamented over them and say of them: Could such a large `onesh [=punitive tax, exaction] have come from those poor people?

Jacob Barna'i examined ledgers of the Jerusalem Jewish community in the late eighteenth century. He found a situation strikingly similar to that found by Gil for the pre-Crusades period. Besides jizya, Jews paid unofficial taxes, fees, exactions, mandatory bribes, etc. The rapacious were not only Ottoman officials but local Muslim notables and strong men. Of course, Christian dhimmis too could be oppressed this way. Jews differed by being low man on the Islamic totem pole. Israeli historian Moshe Sharon argues:

...the fact that the Qur'an singled them [Jews] out as the enemies of the Muslims... institutionalized their inferior status in comparison to the Christians.

The Arab writer Al-Jahiz explained this by the political resistance of the Jews in Medina to Muhammad. The Hamas takes inspiration for its Judeophobia from early Islam, citing the hadith fable about Judgment Day in its charter (Article 7):

...the Muslims will fight the Jews who will hide behind rocks and trees. The rocks and trees will cry out: O Muslim! A Jew is hiding behind me. Come kill him...

Francesco Gabrieli, the Italian historian of Islam, wrote:

...the name "Yahudi" [=Jew] acquired on Muslim lips the same odor of hostile scorn for the Jews that the term "Jew" had in the Western world, more hostile and scornful than that of the epithet "Nasrani" [=Christian].

This judgment is supported by a British envoy sent to the Levant in the 1830s. John Bowring reported Muslim resentment of improved treatment for dhimmis there by their ruler Muhammad Ali of Egypt:

The Mussulmans deeply deplore the loss of that sort of superiority which they all & individually exercised over ... the other sects... a Mussulman... believes ... that a Christian --and still more a Jew-- is an inferior being to himself."

The Contentious Centrist said...

"Go read up on some history and you'll find that the Jews enjoyed the most freedom and protection with Arab/Muslim governments pre-1948."

I took your advice;

BuJ said...


As usual, you're selective in everything.. from taking advice to choosing your sources.

However, such is the way with the Jew.. for you even tried to be selective in tricking G-d, the stories are documented with the fishing incident and others in the Bible and Koran.

Jews also do not respect other religions and call us "gentiles". You have a specific derogatory word for non-Jews. We do not have that. In Arabic Yahoodi comes from the word Hud, which was the name of a Prophet way before Islam (around 2400 BC).

"The name Hud comes from an Arabic word meaning "forebearance." It is from the same Semitic root word which is used to describe the Jewish people: yahud (Arabic), and yehudim (Hebrew)"

Thus the Arabic word for Jew actually has a very positive meaning.

Moreover, the Kuran is full of verses that use the term "Sons of Israel". Surely "Israel" isn't such a bad name, for they named a fully-fuctioning bully-state with the same name.

Hence it might be worth following my advice a bit more closely next time and not veering too far from the topic.

Islam respects all religions and especially people of the book (i.e. Jews and Christians). Historically, while other people chose to burn their Jews, the Islamic world has always embraced them and protected them.

Dubai Jazz said...

The antisemitism of the Israeli government is disgusting. The state-sponsored terrorist outfit of the Mossad doesn't have the tinniest qualms about endangering the lives of unsuspecting Jews. Especially those with double nationalities who had their identities stolen by the hit team, and who now await Interpol arrest warrants should they depart Israel.

And what's even more abhorrent is CC's insistence to defend Israel crimes no matter what. Ha. Actually, it's so ridiculous it almost sounds funny.

BuJ said...

hala wallah DJ, sh7aalak? a5barak yal 7abib?
2u3thurni min zamaan ma marreit 3leik.. bas inshalla tkoon bkheir.
mawwart el blog.. wo kalamak sa7ee7 la ghubaar 3leih. 7ayaaak.

Dubai Jazz said...

Hala wallah Bu Jassem,

3al bal enta wallah 3ala 6ool.

shukran 3al kalimat al latifa. :)


The Contentious Centrist said...

"A preliminary investigation conducted by Hamas suggests that the assassination of one of its officials in Dubai last month was likely carried out by agents of an Arab government, and not by Israel's Mossad spy agency."

But I wouldn't believe any Hamas investigation. The most plausible explanation for the assassination and its staging-for-the-cameras quality is that Israel WANTED it to be attributed to the long-reaching arm of the Mossad by way of deterrence and a not so subtle message to Iran. It's in Hamas interest to deny any such deterrence since its success will interfere directly with the money and weapons flow from Iran and Syria. So no wonder they will encourage the thinking that this spectacular assassination of a death merchant and a terrorist was due to Arabs rather than Israelis...

The Contentious Centrist said...

BTW, ya Buj, "gentile" is not a derogatory name for a person who is not Jewish. it is just a term for a person who is no Jewish.

Unlike the Arab "kufir" (or whatever) which means infidel, and therefore contains a moral judgment in its meaning, the word "gentile" ("Goy") in Hebrew means simply a person who is not a member of the Hebrew tribes. It's a Biblical word.

The Arab word for "Yahoodi" has nothing to do with the root "hud". It comes from the Hebrew word "Yehoodi" which means, simply, a Jew. And Yehoodi comes from "Yehooda" the Hebrew tribe that used to live in Judea, and which YOU call "West Bank", or Palestine.

However, when the Arabs call for "Yitbach el-Yahood", respect, protection and embrace are the farthest meanings from their mind at that moment. As it is with you, when you state things like:

"such is the way with the Jew.. for you even tried to be selective in tricking G-d, the stories are documented with the fishing incident and others in the Bible and Koran."

It is always an education reading your comments, Buj. A person of your schooling that can still explain his animus by referring to the Quran as a reliable source of knowledge and a guide for modern politics.

BuJ said...

oh, yeah, i believe everything that Haaretz publishes.. just like I have every trust in Israeli or Zimbabwean democracy.

Oh yeah, Iran is a pretty well-respected democracy too.. i'll add it to my list.