Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Israel bullies British laws

Well, we've known Israel to bully and murder neighbouring Arabs, and to make a joke of the UN via successive vetos from the USA. Now it appears that they are trying to spin the previous arrest warrant in the UK against Tzipi Livni to their favour. All this because she was doing her job and "fighting terror", reminds me so much about what you read about the Nazi party and just following orders.

Now now, invading land you withdrew from years ago and murdering everything that moves doesn't really classify as terror fighting as much as it might look like xenophobic genocide, but that's just me...

More reporting from The National: Tzipi Livni: I’m coming to London, arrest me
Who knows, maybe Jack Straw will do just that...


Seabee said...

Different rules to every other country apply to Israel, as you know Buj.

BuJ said...

i know, but i also want to expose this.

The Contentious Centrist said...

"To bully: To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner. To make (one's way) aggressively"


"Tzipi Livni, leader of the main opposition party in Israel, says she will travel to London soon, specifically to get arrested.

Ms Livni describes the move as an attempt to force the UK government to fulfil its promise to take “urgent” action to protect visiting Israeli officials and military leaders from arrest on war crimes warrants obtained by Palestinian groups in British courts."

Buj's loose usage of language rules at work, again. Does he really not understand what 'bully' means, or is he just adding imaginative touches to a venomous post, on the understanding that he his readers will not dare to disagree with him?

Where is the bullying in Livni's plan? Looks like Livni is planning to force the bully to come face to face with his own bullying futility.

programmer craig said...

BuJ, you really have some gall accusing somebody else of being a bully, considering what the guy whose avatar you use has been up to in Iran the last 6 months. And considering you like to delete the comments of anyone who disagrees with your opinions, and then ridicule them while they can't defend themselves. Is your understanding of the English language really so limited, or are just so much of a hypocrite that you don't mind falsely accusing others of doing something you actually are guilty of yourself?

programmer craig said...

By the way, BuJ, why would somebody with a blog as unpopular as this one and who lives in a country that protects rights of free speech resort to moderation? Are you really pestered by so many pesky trolls, or do you just not want to hear any dissent? I suppose for your next trick you'll accuse some Jew of being close-minded, right? ;p

NonArab-Arab said...

The bullying is simple: she knows that she's a murderous war criminal, and she also knows that Zionist lies always work to pressure top-level politicians into approving Zionist murders. She knows the grassroots in Britain increasingly recognizes Zionists as callous murderers, so she wants to bully the top-level politicians who are still mostly in their pockets and not listening to the grass roots (just like they didn't over the Iraq war) into creating an exception to the laws against murder to allow Zionists to murder at will. Rather the way colonialists of every era have always made exceptions for murdering whoever they decided to label as untermenschen. Livni's goal is to bully those politicians into codifying into British law that murdering Palestinians (especially civilians) is acceptable, and she's trying to force their hand.

I for one say lock her up, try her, convict her, throw away the key before the bullies can win. Nobody likes bullies.

BuJ said...

hmm let's see how to deal with these lovely people..

CC.. the fact that i speak good English and you speak no Arabic seems to make you feel inadequate, so there is no need to attack my language skills.

Israel and Livni are bullies, and yes I fully understand what the word means and implies. You're a bully too, but you're less powerful , especially in the mental department.

Actually, the whole arresting business is in fact a British issue, why don't you go take your case to them and bully them to change their laws?


I love the emotions that my avatar creates.. this doesn't mean that i like the guy, in fact i've written a few times that he's a bit of a lunatic, but i'd still use his picture to piss people like you off.

Again, you criticise my language skills, when in fact I probably speak English better than you both. Especially given that I was educated in England away from North American pollutants.

The reason I have comment moderation is the same reason you lock your home. To prevent unwanted visitors, especially when you're not there.

So do countries with free speech not have house locks?

hmmm, ur logic is full of holes.. nothing new here...

BuJ said...


welcome here..

well well.. in my book, people like her should be arrested and tried as war criminals just like everyone else. I'd like to see the Israeli army go after jews, then we'll see how they will turn into criminals, and then the court doors will magically open and the prison doors will magically close.

hypocrisy at its best.. with an israeli flavour

The Contentious Centrist said...

"well well.. in my book, people like her should be arrested and tried as war criminals just like everyone else. "

"hypocrisy at its best.."


“The outrage of so many outraged people outrages me.
On the scales of world opinion, some Muslim corpses are
light as a feather, and others weigh tonnes.
Two measures, two weights."
(Andre Glucksmann)

Z-word's Eamon McDonagh posts:

"Writing in El País today, Moisés Naím condemns the silence of the Muslim world in the face of Chinese repression of the Uighurs and contrasts it with the indignation produced the the publication of a few cartoons in Denmark. Readers will be able to figure out for themselves the relevance of all this for the themes with which this blog mainly concerns itself. The following is my translation of Naím’s article."

Caroline Fourest wrote in Le Monde (translated by commenterPaula):

“The Arab world gets inflamed over the Palestinians but never over the Uighurs. Rebiya Kadeer [the Uighur leader who lives in exile in the U.S.] has an explanation: “In their eyes we are just Asians, and foremost, we are not oppressed by either the United States or Israel, therefore they are not interested.” Whereas 12 small Danish drawings sent shockwaves, the fact that Korans are burn by Chinese officials in Xinjang (information given by Rebiya Kadeer which I have not been able to verify) doesn’t give rise to the slightest of murmurs. When Uighur dissidents seek refuge in Muslims countries, they are immediately sent back to the Chinese authorities.”

Reminder: Martha Nussbaum about the silence of the world following the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat:

"I am made uneasy by the single-minded focus on Israel. Surely it is unseemly for Americans to discuss boycotts of another country on the other side of the world without posing related questions about American policies and actions that are not above moral scrutiny. Nor should we fail to investigate relevantly comparable cases concerning other nations. For example, one might consider possible responses to the genocide of Muslim civilians in the Indian state of Gujarat in the year 2002, a pogrom organized by the state government, carried out by its agents, and given aid and comfort by the national government of that time (no longer in power). I am disturbed by the world’s failure to consider such relevantly similar cases. I have heard not a whisper about boycotting Indian academic institutions and individuals, and I have also, more surprisingly, heard nothing about the case in favor of an international boycott of U.S. academic institutions and individuals. I am not sure that there is anything to be said in favor of a boycott of Israeli scholars and institutions that could not be said, and possibly with stronger justification, for similar actions toward the United States and especially India and/or the state of Gujarat.

I would not favor an academic boycott in any of these cases, but I think that they ought to be considered together, and together with yet other cases in which governments are doing morally questionable things. One might consider, for example, the Chinese government’s record on human rights; South Korea’s lamentable sexism and indifference to widespread female infanticide and feticide; the failure of a large number of the world’s nations, including many, though not all, Arab nations, to take effective action in defense of women’s bodily integrity and human equality; and many other cases."



BTW, buj, I still think you don't have an idea what a bully is. If you did, you would have a bit more self-awareness...

I'd like to see you dare post this comment. One of the staples of a bully is his inherent cowardice in the face of the power of truth.

BuJ said...


Please behave and do not dare me to do anything.

You as well as all my readers (bar one) know that you're a worthless bag of refuse, so please do not affect us with your stench and bad manners. Since this directly reflects on the background you hail from.

No matter how many times you visit and comment on these pages, Israeli still has blood on its hands and still occupies lands illegally. Your words won't change that.

You will enjoy my coming posts.

I dare you to read them, let alone comment.