Thursday, 7 January 2010

Odds of Terrorism!

Following the crazy news of an African man wanting to blow up his balls for Christmas, I found this interesting and informative poster below. Obviously bear in mind it's "targeted" at an American audience :)


(please click on picture to view in the correct size)


Media Junkie said...

yup. but it seems like if you see a brown guy with a beard on your plane, you're going to die. although with the xmas bomber, now anyone 'not white'.

xenophobia - go figure.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more worried with an indian chubby chick on my flight. Make the plane smell like parata farts.

BuJ said...

racial profiling just doesn't work.. but nasal profiling does sometimes work! at least to ensure a peaceful sleep and stable stomach.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Also good to smell for leaking gas in a super market, FF did that the other day and saved all the worthless souls in JBR.

rosh said...

Hmmm..ain't looking forward to being stripped or 'pat down' from good 'ol 250 pound good African American mama :)

Seriously, 'homeland security' is a joke! It boggles my mind seeing every white & brown woman past retirement, "randomly" selected for screening OR a mom of three, whilst folks who look sorta worrisome to you and I, breeze by!

Flying used to be MUCH fun! After surviving the 'pat, you have to endure flying with the slave ships, aka American Airliners, the WORST kind you'd fly!

I just flew into Muscat on Air Arabia via good 'ol SHJ Airport. Man alive it was a breeze! Felt so good! It was safe, sound and quick. Touchwood!

I use Grand Central every morning and it's become as real as my morning Starbucks. I hope people truly reach out and reconcile, than cause fear and take lives. It's pointless / cowardly!

Anonymous said...

Rosh, we have no one but an insane billionaire in a cave for how travel to and in the US has become.

Stimulus said...


Anonymous said...
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