Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Mundo dos Sonhos - The World of Dreams

I was honoured to receive an e-mail from Edna Spennato who is the authour of:


Edna is from Brazil, a compatriot of the great Carlos Latuff that has been mentioned earlier at several places at BuJ Al Arab. Actually Latuff coined (or used) a very strong phrase called "copyleft" which encourages people to copy his work and spread the word.

For more Latuffian info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Latuff

I first stumbled on Edna's blog when I was researching apt pictures for my post, Arrested Development:


However, it seems Edna has found my blog and since we share the same views, I welcome you to visit her excellent blog using the link above. Edna is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese. Mundo dos Sonhos means World of Dreams.

Here below are some of her recent works. Enjoy.


Dubai Jazz said...

I'd noticed that the Zionists are particularly sensitive about observers drawing parallels between the IDF and the Nazis.

Well, it's simple, don't wanna be called Nazis, don't act like them.

Edna said...

thanks, Buj! By the way, I'm not from Brazil but from South Africa actually, so my first language is English. I do speak Portugues, as I've been living here in Brazil for quite a while, but my mastery of portugues is "muito pessimo".

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Where can I get these?

BuJ said...

Oh, i wanna see CC comment here.. I really wanna see what Zionists have to say.. and at least I can defend my unfounded reputation that I delete all comments I disagree with :)

DJ... Zionists are very sensitive creatures.. we should take care of them.. we should devise a final solution that satisfies all hehe

EDNA.. lovely to see you!!! Ok.. i'm confused now! I'm sure I read Brazil somewhere on your blog.. or perhaps it's the Portuguese that you speak so eloquently :) Anyway.. your name is italian isn't it?
una bella lingua :)

ABIT... the lady that commented above you (Edna Spennato) is the artist, you can contact her directly !

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

THese are art pieces or actual comic books? because I thought they were actual comic books!

Edna said...

For A Blessing in Tragedy - these are taken from the covers of original retro comics, from the second world war. I made changes to recontextualise them, but the original comics do exist out there somewhere, if you do a search for "retro comics Blitzkrieg", people who collect and buy and sell them.

Edna said...

Buj, yeah, it gets a bit confusing. My father was Italian, but I was born in South Africa, and lioved ost of my adult life in Cape Town. But I currently live in Brazil, where I have become part of the furniture in this village :)

BuJ said...

la lingua bella :)
parla italiano? !

cannot compare afrikaans with italian hehehe..
Portuguese sounds cool though :)

should do a post about the links between different languages.

Edna said...

I learnt to speak portugues (not fluently yet) here in Brazil and it is a beautiful but very difficult language. I can speak Afrikaans because it was compulsory to learn it in South Africa when I was at school, and it was regarded as the language of the oppressor (although in fact plenty of apartheid supporters had English as their first language!).

The Contentious Centrist said...

Edna Spennato quotes Mia farrow:

"The children appear traumatized. The teachers say that when they hear a loud noise they look to the sky and cry out and weep. They don’t know what the future holds. They deserve better."
Mia Farrow, after visiting Gaza as goodwill ambassador for UNICEF


And here is Mia Farrow, two days later, in a visit to Sderot:

"The most basic thing to aspire to is the safety and security of each person. As a grandmother and a mother, I feel that we, the grownups, don't work well enough on either side of the border between Israel and Gaza. Children on both sides want peace and quiet, and cannot be held responsible for the actions of the adults. I see great suffering on part of children both here and in Gaza. I pray for them, because they need water, peace and homes."


Edna's selectivity is telling. Mia Farrow is equally worried about the children of both Arabs and Jews. Edna is worried only about Gaza’s kids, and on her blog, she mocks the traumatized children of Sderot.

The Contentious Centrist said...

But then it should not come as surprise that Edna does not care about Jewish kids suffering. Edna's work is done in the service of Nazis, in the attempt to exonerate Nazis and thus deny that the Holocaust was what it was. She is true to the spirit of the Holocaust-denying Latuff, whom Buj so admires.

If, as Edna claims, Nazis behaved as Israeli soldiers do, then Nazis were nothing but soldiers defending their country against terrorists whose manifesto called for the extermination of all Germans, includinge their women and children. This analogy renders Nazis rather good patriots and the 6 million exterminated Jews - criminals and murderers.

It's a well known tactic and one that has been labeled as pure and simple antisemitism.

"For many, tying Jews to the Holocaust has a special resonance that transcends the boundaries of classic antisemitic topoi. For it is not simply that the Jewish state is being falsely accused of genocide. It is specifically freighted with the same genocide of which the Jewish people were themselves the victims. Tying the Israelis to the SS seems to excuse—and summarily deny—the historical Holocaust. Binding together Israel and Nazi Germany in such a slanderous equivalence not only demonises the Jews: it implicates them as somehow to blame for their fate. Perhaps most disturbingly, it echoes Hitler’s own denigration of the Jews carried out through a campaign of lies that paved the way for the original Holocaust."


Christopher Caldwell (Weekly Standard, June 5, 2002) on same:

“For anyone who inhabits Western culture, the Holocaust made that culture a much more painful place to inhabit – and for any reasonably moral person, greatly narrowed the range of acceptable political behaviour. To be human is to wish ithad never happened. (Those who deny that it did may be those can’t bear to admit it happened,) but it did. If there is a will-to anti-Semitism – then the Arab style Judeophobia, which is an anti-Semitism without the West’s complexes, offers a real redemptive project to those Westerners who are willing to embrace. It can liberate guilty, decadent Europeans from a horrible moral albatross. What an anti-depressant! Saying there was no such thing as the gas chamber is, of course, not respectable. But the same purpose can be served using what Leo Strauss called the reductio ad Hitlerum to cast the Jews as having committed crimes identical to the Nazis’. They must be identical, of course, so the work of self-delusion can be accomplished. We did one, the Jews did one. Now we’re even-steven”.


I would much rather be informed by reputable scholars who actually provide verifiable facts and sound arguments to support their positions than by someone like Edna, who seems to be a superstitious kind of person (all antisemites are) who claims that she can heal the oceans with her Mayan-given energies or something.

But alas, Buj seems gullible and willing to accept her endorsement and portrayals. As usual with him, and other Arab bloggers, he never questions any premise if it serves to demonize Israel and dehumanize Jews.

And then he posts a tribute to Arthur Rubinstein, a Jewish musician, and thinks such “generosity” on his part is enough to cleanse the sheretz, that it would serve as a fig leaf, to balance the ugly sentiments and pictures he presents on this blog.

Edna Spennato said...

"Centrist": Why don't you provide a link to where I quote Mia Farrow? I have never in my life quoted her. Try to stick to the facts even if you are here merely to stir.

Dubai Jazz said...

Dear Edna,

I just happened to visit your blog now. Love your work. Thank you so much for the expressive cartoons. The historical parallels you draw are all too obvious to those who aren't blinded by racist and criminal Zionism.

Keep up the good work!

BuJ said...


You're being rude again and attacking me personally.. you're also being stupid and very very biased in your arguments.

So I'll tell you this. The ugliest thing on this blog is you. You're so full of hate for whatever reason I have no idea. Please do not make it as if we are hateful, in fact it is you that lives on the hate of innocents.

Israel won't be around forever. Enjoy the state while you can. After all, you been waiting for it for millenia (that's a lot of decades and centuries). A country built on stolen land and that spills innocent blood cannot be sustainable. Look at the Al-Tatariyoon and 3ayn Jaaloot.

I'd love to devote my life spreading the cause. I'd also wish to support everyone like Edna and Latuff. If Latuff has sister, then I'd love to marry her only to have kids that will be stronger than me to fight evil. Evil such as you, CC.

You make evil look ugly!

The Contentious Centrist said...

ICentrist": Why don't you provide a link to where I quote Mia Farrow? "

I have. Look again.

Edna Spennato said...

The problem with these zio trolls is that they aren't even competent enough to earn the money they are paid. This one's link goes to an archive of cartoons.

Mia Farrow's quote appears on Palestine Think Tank as QUOTE of the day, not CARTOON of the day here:


No connection to me at all.

This is why the Palestinians will triumph in the end against the izzies. Everything the zios do is based on deceit.

The Contentious Centrist said...


YOU and your friends are not on the side of history. Construe.

Pursuing the genocide and destruction of another nation is not an acceptable idea these days. And justifying such ideas by lies and diabolical demonization a la Latuff and his Edna minion will not advance the Palestinian cause. Quite the contrary. People all over are getting wise to the lies and hatred that are woven into the Arab story of Palestine and world history.

Your hysterical response is an indicator of your own inner turmoil. You have to accuse me of hatred (where? to whom?) in order to distract from your unfathomable admiration for a Holocaust denying cartoonist and his cohorts.

You just can't handle the truth, so you create a lot of noise, instead.

You have learned your English idioms well but you have yet to apply them correctly and accurately. This perverse misuse of the English language is a reflection of the perversion in your own thinking.

When you choose certain friends, don't be surprised if others will judge you by the these friends' standards.

Edna Spennato said...

Dubai Jazz - thank you. I try to tell the truth with my images in a way that people can understand, no matter what language they speak.

The Contentious Centrist said...

Yes, Edna, it seems you are right. It's your work that is being posted on that blog but it is not YOUR blog. Sorry about that slight error, which is not really much of an error considering the kind of ideas you propagate in your own blog:


Edna Spennato said...

Centrist - it's just a matter of getting the facts straight.

Re Palestine Think Tank, it's not a blog, but a very big and popular resource site for Palestinians and those who support Palestinian resistance, and I am very honoured to contribute occasionally to PTT.

As for Firebomb Fritz, yes, it's very tongue in cheek and was made once the 22 day invasion of Gaza had ended, which if you remember, left more than 1400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead, none of them in Sderot as far as I can remember. So although it was fun to make that image, it also presents the truth about the hysteria regarding Sderot as compared to the real horror experienced by the people trapped inside Gaza.

Edna Spennato said...

It seems you've made this your blog post for the day, Centrist. Yawn. Running out of ideas?

What is a 'latuff minion', CC?


The Contentious Centrist said...

"What is a 'latuff minion', CC?"

Feeling underestimated, Edna?


You had FUN, mocking the suffering of the Jewish children? What a shock.

I suppose that you would feel more at ease if more of those 8,000 qassams had actually each managed to hit Sderot residents, and other Israelis who happen to live alongside the Israeli-Gaza border. How many dead Jews would it take for you to accept that Cast Lead was a legitimate military campaign to remove a very serious threat to the security of Israelis?

Give us a number so we'll know.

Would it be 100 warm dead bodies? 1000? How many Jews have to die before the likes of you would be willing to accept that they have as much right to defend themselves as you do?

Should Israel wait until Hamas actually perfects its weapons so it can actually achieve the destruction and death it aims to bring forth?

The very fact that you deny Jews what you freely accord to Palestinians shows you for what you are: a superstitious woman who believes in demons and tries to find them in the most unlikely place.

Don't imagine you are interested in improving the life of Palestinians who owe their misery to their leaders exclusively. If you did, you would have addressed your venomous pen to those who bear the responsibility for placing those children in harm's way, their own rulers.

Edna said...

More fun to be had at the expense of Olmert, here:


The Contentious Centrist said...

There seems to be a strange trigger for "fun" in Jewish suffering for those who declare themselves to be supporters of Palestinians.

Just as Dubai Jazz took a lurid turn from his expressed admiration to a Holocaust survivor (a misnomer) to speaking of masturbation and hard-ons...


So Edna seems to derive much mirth from the suffering of the children of Sderot.

The her fun seems to grow as she deems it infuriates a Jew.

"Evil", according to Paul Ricoeur

“is, in the literal sense of the word, perversion, that is, a reversal of the order that requires respect for law to be placed above inclination. It is a matter of a misuse of a free choice... The propensity for evil affects the use of freedom, the capacity to act out of duty – in short, the capacity for being autonomous.”

Edna is not a free spirit, as she would have you believe. Quite the contrary. She is a slave to her baser inclinations. A superstitious woman.

"Superstition is a credulous belief or notion, not based on reason, knowledge, or experience. The word is often used pejoratively to refer to folk beliefs deemed irrational. This leads to some superstitions being called "old wives' tales". It is also commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy and spiritual beings, particularly the irrational belief that future events can be influenced or foretold by specific unrelated prior events." (wiki)

BuJ said...

wow, all of a sudden, the place i alive again :)

- Edna, it seems we have this unwritten pact me and CC.. every time i write something logical or pro-palestinian, she gets worked up and writes a whole post about it.

- CC.. why are you mocking my English language skills? or are you just being racist against a fellow Semite because he is Arab? Would you prefer I communicate with you in Arabic if it makes you more comfortable?

- CC, you seriously need to get some help, as you might be bipolar or something worse. Seems your personality is very volatile and it is hard to have a normal conversation with you, let alone a small debate.

You never have anything good to say, and keep dwelling on the negative. I've always been a fan of classical music and am a keen pianist myself. If you followed my blog in 2005 and later, you'd notice that I published 12 different solo piano albums. When I blogged about Rubinstein, you had nothing better to say except mock me. This shows me you are ignorant, racist, and misinformed.

How much do you know about piano? How many albums have you recorded? Perhaps you can write something about a famous pianist or two.

Really, feels like the Taming of the Shrew... billy would be proud of you!

The Contentious Centrist said...

Yes well buj. Whatever. Clearly you are incapable of defending the choices you make in your blogposts. So you turn to dismissive language and demented accusations. I did not mock your English. I severely criticized the way you abuse it. There is a difference which you, of course, would not be able to discern, steeped as you are in your own superstitions and pseudo-knowledge. You disappoint me, somewhat. But not much.

Dubai Jazz said...

Just as Dubai Jazz took a lurid turn from his expressed admiration to a Holocaust survivor (a misnomer) to speaking of masturbation and hard-ons...

My, my. I'd almost forgotten. Sounds like somebody's been staying up late at night; impatiently waiting for my next raunchy post?

wet dreams when little sleep finally come by?

Ain't gettin' enough kosher sex, are we?

Let us know, btw. 'cause dudes here are all circumcised. ;)

The Contentious Centrist said...

As usual, Dubai Jazz, you are too protesting too much, too loudly, too lewdly...

The Contentious Centrist said...

"This picture shows the normality of that the town, which was always harsh, but did not include the immediate presence of death.

The structures behind the old woman, attached to those two floors buildings are security rooms, their propose is to provide immediate shelter in case of renewed enemy attacks, be it Qassam rockets, Katyusha rockets or Grad missiles.

These structures are Sderot recognizable feature. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Venice the canals and gondolas, London the Big Bang and the black taxi cabs, the small town of Sderot have these."


BuJ said...

aaah Dubai Jazz.. mafi minnak ... you crack me up, but not only that.. you're saying the truth, brother.

CC, first, it's a "blog" and not a "blogspot".. the latter is simply the name of the host of this blog.. but anyway, fortunately your personal opinion of me doesn't count for anything, but i thank you for sharing such trivia with us here.

My 8 year old cousin is a more capable speaker. First you mock then you retract, then you mock again.. etc..

You remind me of the Israeli government.. "look how they are killing us".. then you check out the actual toll.. more than 1000 enemies (actually civilians) and 10 israeli soldiers (4 in friendly fire, I guess you can always fire an apache chopper at another!)

yeah, sure, it's the first time a massacre has been called a war.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_War

The Contentious Centrist said...

"CC, first, it's a "blog" and not a "blogspot"

Ouch. Aren't you the consumate linguist? A typo for "blogpost". But enjoy your pathetic jibe for what it is worth.

Your puerile insults remind me of another poster who calls himself arabian who once left a comment on my blog in which he tried to insult Jews by calling them slaves in Europe. Same mindset, same grid of reference. Except he has some decency and never stoops to sexual abuse, like you and your friend do. For a people so concerned about shame and honour, and the purity of your women, you sure have a lot of sex on your minds.

BuJ said...

hey, what sexual stuff are you talking about you muppet? perhaps you can enlighten me with a quote. you're confusing me with DJ.. (whom will cause u serious damage btw)

see you have nothing good to say about music or piano, even though you're supposedly jewish.. you're uncultured and unrefined and have a big mouth.

please take your filthy thoughts and language elsewhere, you're scum.

The Contentious Centrist said...

"you're confusing me with DJ.. "

Do I?

Here are DJ's emetic fantasies:

"My, my. I'd almost forgotten. Sounds like somebody's been staying up late at night; impatiently waiting for my next raunchy post?

wet dreams when little sleep finally come by?

Ain't gettin' enough kosher sex, are we?

Let us know, btw. 'cause dudes here are all circumcised. ;)"

And here is your response:

"aah Dubai Jazz.. mafi minnak ... you crack me up, but not only that.. you're saying the truth, brother."

Looks like you are in total agreement and quite relishing the sexual insults. Would you be as jocular if these things were told to your female relations? What does this say about your mentality, eh?


"(whom "will cause u serious damage btw)"

Is this a threat?

You should know, Buj, that if you go sleep with dogs, you should not be surprised that you wake up crawling with fleas. Or, as the wise man said: show my your friends and I'll tell what you are.

Scum eh? For someone who publishes the work of Holocaust deniers and would-be genociders, you've got some nerve calling anyone anything.

I will continue to watch these blogs and report to my readers what kind of positions and knowledge can be found in the Arab street, by Arab bloggers, who are supposed to represent the educated elites.

BuJ said...

hey scummy zion-dog.. you quoted DJ saying sexual stuff.. so let me ask you again.. please give me something i said myself.

uff.. this is getting boring and you're also quite rude.. who said anything about having sex with boys except you?

tut tut.. they can lock u up for these things back in the backforests of Canada..

get a shower,
then come back :)

Dubai Jazz said...

Dear BuJ,

I don’t know why you bother with this douchebag. I’d put him/her on a short leash. One relevant comment per post, anything else gets deleted.

Dubai Jazz said...

Contentious Cunt,

Let me remind you it was you who came to my blog and started commenting and questioning my sexuality. What did you expect?

Your boring blog doesn’t carry one snippet of personal touch or stories. I realize that like you, your life is boring as hell, I don’t blame you for it. But don’t go around throwing smart ass commentary about other people lives when you can’t stand the heat of the kitchen.

Also, I said I don’t mind you posting about my wiener; he’d love it.

And finally, as a general advice, watch out what comes out of your mouth here. But also, when I’m around, you better watch out what goes *into* your mouth as well.


(wild naughty laughter)