Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Burj Khalifa - Officially Opened - Pictures!

Dear Readers,

Finally, Burj Dubai, or Burj Khalifa has been officially opened by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai last night 4 Jan 2010. Which also marks his 4th year as Ruler of Dubai.

Here are some pics I took when I went up the Burj, and some pics from the opening night as well. Enjoy!

Pic from the opening night, with the fireworks doing their stuff!

More Fireworks from 4 Jan 2010!

This was taken from the 124th floor, or the observation deck. The highest floor is 158.
You can see how small other skyscrapers below are!

My favorite picture! The shadow of the Burj intersects SZR Junction 1, or the Defence Roundabout (old name).

A good view of the Business Bay

How small is Dubai Mall from this altitude?!

Ok, the engineer in me had to take this shot! The cleaning cradle is seen here from level 124 all the way to the supports much higher up. Cool view :)

This is a pic of the Address hotel (that I hate so much, but that's another story)

Enjoy and copy with referencing to this blog, coz these pictures are all mine.


rosh said...

I'm giddy looking at the pics! Mabrooks to all behind the massive success. Thanks for the pictures BuJ. I haven't been to Dubai yet. Perhaps next week, and shall have a peak at the Burj.

rosh said...
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rosh said...
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rosh said...

*peek (sorry on duplicate posting, I'm on the crackberry!)

Dubai Jazz said...

Mabrooks BuJ, it's really a source of pride to have this landmark in Dubai and the UAE. I'm sincerely happy and grateful for all the individuals from all over the worlds who had contributed to this effort.

P.S. thanks for the photographs, but... ya 3amy Wasta!

Media Junkie said...

i'm not sure i'll ever be able to go up - vertigo can be quite the pain in the posterior.

but the pix look awesome and despite the abrupt name change, i'm proud the tallest building is in dubai :)

The Contentious Centrist said...

"If the past century has taught us anything, it's that there will always be another, bigger building built somewhere, and Dubai cannot hope to keep up indefinitely. By contrast, in cities such as Houston and Hong Kong the skylines are not the cause of their economic prosperity, but merely one visible manifestation of it. That's a prosperity that has been built over the years on the basis of those old reliables: economic freedom, the rule of law, hard work and sound management. Without these, nations and cities alike build on nothing but foundations of sand."


SiSi said...

Very nice....alf mabrook

But someone was telling me today "Isn't that one of the signs of youm el qiyama...when the Arab build skyscrapers in the desert?" I guess the end is nigh

BuJ said...

Rosh.. you two timer you!!!

Goto the burj asap.. it's such an amazing view up there.. but the elevator was a bit cheesy i have to admit :)

i think you have to book tickets in advance for 210 dhs. not a bad price for the view!

DJ.. thanks for enjoying the photos!!! mafi wasta.. mafi fuloos!!!!

man, the architecture is gorgeous! emirates business paper had a full feature magazine about the burj yesterday, you should see it!

Media Junkie.. welcome... always lovely to read you!
I'm sensitive to heights, but trust me, it's a lovely experience to go up there. plus you're not at the top, ur just 2/3 of the building height.

CC, it's good to see you here.. your opinion here is as welcome as any other reader,, but i was hoping you'd comment on the other posts too.. especially Rubinstein, since he's Jewish and he's cultured.. two properties that you loosely have in common :)

Although you do not recognise it, but in Islam, it's a sign of the end of the world when "shepherds from the desert build into the clouds"... most people here in the gulf forget this. it's part of our religion and culture.

let's see.

SiSi.. welcome and yes, you're so right.. as i was telling CC above...

Allah yustor!

Stained said...

Nice shots...a bit of editing will make them look better...
Anyway wish I could have gone to the observation deck on the first day but didn't know the tickets were on sale yesterday...sucks...

Keefieboy said...

Hey Buj - I thought you'd quit blogging. Nice pics.

The Contentious Centrist said...

"...your opinion here is as welcome as any other reader,"

Some of my best friends are readers.

(There is a story I read in one of Kissinger’s biographies which recounts his first visit as Secretary of State to Saudi Arabia. “I welcome you”, said the Saudi king, “not as a Jew but as a human being”.

“Some of my best friends are human beings”, answered Kissinger.

Note, please, the natural distinction the king makes, between and a Jew and all other human beings.)


"but i was hoping you'd comment on the other posts too."

Oh, I have seen it and intend to comment on it but not quite in the way you seem to expect.

Anonymous said...

I ALMOST mustered the courage to go to the Burj Khalifa today, but ended up not going. I am DEATHLY afraid of very few things, but heights is on eof them. On the 2nd floor of a building I start to feel sick. On the 3rd I have a panic attack. On a ferris wheel once I almost started crying like a baby. SO I will probably never set foot inside this building.

The pics are very nice though. I linked my post on the Burj to your pics BuJassem. Hope you dont mind.

Misalyn said...

I missed the event. *Sigh.

Great shots. I'll visit the place one of these days. Thanks for sharing your photos.

igor marques said...

is it tru that the top floors can only be used for storage, because they are too small?

nice pics! ;)

BuJ said...

hi guys.. great to read all of you, specially CC.

Keefie, i been back for about a year.. time flies.. but if things go a bit quiet i might take a sabbatical

wow ABIT.. didn't imagine u to be scared of anything, especially heights.. anyway pls link away. it's a pleasure.

hello misalyn.. and igor.. thanks for visiting.
yes the top floors are smaller.. as is evident from the pictures.. the tower tapers as you go up.

KJ said...

Haven't gone up there yet!