Friday, 24 December 2010

What's hanging?

Guess what is hanging from the bottom of this plane?


Ema said...

why do i have a feeling that this photo has been photoshoped?
I'm not sure dunno but at the look of it the hanging object is not blurry as the plane itself.. or maybe its just me.
but lets assume its real.. it looks like hung man *.* scary!

BuJ said...

Guess what, it's not photoshopped at all.. and actually i dont have a copy of photoshop.. the most advanced software for images i use is MS Paint!!!

come on, try again!

Ema said...

ok then it looks to me like a doctor in uniform :P
i have no idea .. is a human being?

rosh said...

hmmm..I'm not sure if something is hanging from the airplane. I think it's the tip of Burj Khalifa? If I make no sense, pardonne moi :)

Ema said...

totally agree!!

Al-ain Rose said...

rosh ur observant..I think ur right
Hi buj^^

DoTs... said...

whatever it is .. its good that you are "back"

are you? :p

(and ya rosh i agree looks like burj khalifa)