Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Abundance of Idiocy

...and various other tales!

1- Why do very small cars drive around with all their lights? low beams and fog lights included? You only need the fog lights when it's foggy. Dumb asses. I'm also seeing big cars driving with just their fog lamps. It must be perceived by cool by those with IQ's of under 10. Or those who are overdrawn in that department. Yesterday they just baked the cake, and some guy was desert driving with just his fog lamps.. needless to say, he could barely see!

2- Why are the authorities fixated with banning speeding? When you really need to ban people who change lanes suddenly and those who do not observe lane discipline. Actually I noticed that all drivers almost have their own lane. The FJ Cruiser number 6669 from Al Ain drives at the fast lane always. The Corolla number 84204 Shj2 drives with his fog lights at the 2nd lane. The Emirates Bus dude with 31 people drives on the 3rd lane, the heavy laden truck going to Gusais drives on the 2nd lane too, but does just 60kmh. You can see this poses problems when you're doing Emirates Road speeds! Still, the authorities will penalise speeding rather than incorrect lane discipline. Dumb.

3- If your empty plot of land is surrounded by pavements and is made of 100% pure UAE silicon, and you park on it, then the RTA will automatically slap you with a fine for "parking on the pavement". But you cannot slap them with trespassing.

4- If you're Indian then you do not look before you cross the street, but you cross quickly. If you're Arab then you also do not look, but you pass much more slowly, especially in the face of oncoming traffic. Must be all that obesity and mental retardation...

5- In the UAE indicators are used to confirm a lane change. In other countries they are used to indicate before a change. We'd like to see more Indicators used and less Confirmators.

6- to be continued...


ASA said...

...and don't forget those who indicate right bu go left, or vice versa & don't even bother to fix it. Hm, which nationality is it that doesn't know the difference between right and left?

Dave said...

I believe the fixation about speeding is motivated by being a soft-target revenue gain rather than a genuine desire to improve road safety. It is very hard for cameras to fine people for poor lane discipline. However if there was a way I am sure this place would discover it.

Also, do the Police ever pull anyone over here? I have lived here for nearly 5 years and not once (no exageration) have I ever seen anyone pulled over by the Police for traffic infringments. Do they just not do it or is it considered far better (and easier) to take their number & issue a fine that they only know about when they reregister their vehicle??? The driving standards are so poor and arrogant in this place yet the Police remain so inactive..... on erything except speeding that is.....

Ema said...

Trust me and i'm really saying TRUST ME.. come visit Libya for a week.. NO wait just one day and you'll discover that you are being unfair to your fellow citizens.... just come visit or ask anyone who lives here :|

we have those problems X 100 times worse..
we all think we're right and that is a museeba lol

rosh said...

LOL! I hear you on all points. And writing it all down, can be therapeutic.

I've been in town for a few days, and I came prepared to take on the idiocracies and the idiots...however come to the realization, you can never be prepared, there's just way much circus and clowns out there. In some ways, driving discipline / etiquette is often indicative of the folks that make a town. It's unfortunate, because, things were nothing like this back in the day.

Spot on the pedestrian crossing ways lol!

Rationality said...
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Rationality said...

Morning :)
Oh Buj sounds you are getting under collar!:D
The reason behind what you shoot in here obviously is in the previous post. People’s way of behaving badly in roads with no estimableness as they are the only ones at lanes shows how superficial they are.

Unfortunately we will not see any civilized way of driving here unless people use their useless minds. People here must value the precious graces they own. We won’t see any fruitful outcomes here as long as some take breaking rules as a challenge... So, the defectiveness is in mind textures.
Actually I desperately struggle to shun the morbid truth of the Mental retardation that takes the majority in here but I wish we make brighter minds rather than building more High-rise buildings soon.
Don't know, somehow the sharp words you used made me laugh :D

And welcome back btw :)