Saturday, 5 June 2010

Israel does it again - to the Rachel Corrie

Not satisfied with their performance last weekend, the Israelis have blocked yet another ship laden with aid to Gaza. The ship is named Rachel Corrie after the activist that was crushed to death by Israeli bulldozers a few years back.

Fortunately there was no violence this time. However, why does Israel insist on harrasing aid shipments to Gaza over waters which it no longer even occupies? Surely if the UAE starts blocking ships in Iranian waters then all hell will break loose.

Why does Israel continue to exist above the law?

Why is the Egyptian border with Gaza still closed?

More info:

The excellent cartoon is kindly provided by Carlos Latuff:

Image: Swedish Demonstrators

Check out this most excellent gallery of pictures from demonstrations from around the world against the recent Israeli actions. It's scary how many countries are listed there.


Arabized said...
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Arabized said...


im back :)

LOL at the ZERO well-crafted comments.

I can't believe whats been going on with this whole flotilla fiasco. It's incredibly sad.

Arabized said...

حسبيا الله ونعما الوكيل :(

JC said...


For what it's worth I hope Rachel Corrie (RIP) would be pleased to know her namesake ship was not overrun like her.

I hope the aid she carried reaches those that need it.

Rationality said...

Hi BuJ;
Wish Rachel Corrie gets our aim peacefuly.
Why does Israel continue to exist above the law?
Unfortunately nobody can cease them. Plus cuz they have many stupid justifications which they believe in like as they claimed Freedom Flotilla was not an innocent humanitarian mission foremost so, the aid delivery was convenient a secondary goal. Hence they prevented their citizens by that furious action!

They think after flotilla was warned repeatedly not to attempt running the Gaza blockade. Besides they were informed any attempts would be stopped – by force if necessary. They chose to proceed so the outcome was the blood was on their hands.

Plus they think that mission aimed at causing an incident with the Israelis in order to garner much desired biased news coverage, worldwide outrage and sympathy. (What a dumb and ridiculous beliefs!!) Do they really think that the harsh blockade on Gaza does not deserve any sympathy!
Why is the Egyptian border with Gaza still closed?
Dunno what’s wrong with Egyptians!!! If they do that would cease this fiasco.

The cartoons that your friend draws speak louder than words, well done and thanks for sharing.
About the list of countries, wow its great hullabaloos *cheers*
Kind regards

BuJ said...

great to see all your comments here and sorry for the delays!!


BuJ said...

Arabized!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!! how have you been? and WHAT have you been doing all those years?


JC: Amen to that!


Rationality: It's sad but true.. Israel exists above the law.. I have been reading about how Israel conducts its assassinations. Dunno if it is true or not, but it's enough to make you wanna throw up.

Apparently, the order has to come from the incumbent Prime Minister and is only given when the person in question can do immense harm to Israel and cannot be reached by other methods.

To me, this reads as "State-sponsored thuggery", and some would also add the words "and terrorism" to the sentence above.

One positive thing has come out of this, and it is that the Egyptians are easing their blockade of Gaza. Funny how the Arab media just ignores the fact that Egypt is as harmful to Gaza as Israel.

It will be interesting to see how the Turkey-Israel relations develop. Turkey very quickly recognised Israel after 1948 (why I have no idea), but with blood on its hands, the cautious friendship between the two states might exist no more.

El Shahlab said...

...من طول الغيبات


BuJ said...

mashkoor yal shahlab.. el denya.. el denya!

ammaro said...

its their strategy, they push it a little bit at a time; not enough for a global retaliation, but maybe just enough for a little protest here and there. and over the years, theyve managed to take over everything.

BuJ said...

oh dear.. i think we need a new post!! with a more positive topic..

however i'm very sad about brazil being kicked out.. on the other hand.. Germany are playing well.. with a time delay of just 4 years compared to when they hosted the games.

rosh said...

5 weeks since the last post! That's my territory :)

Al-ain Rose said...


The Contentious Centrist said...

"It's scary how many countries are listed there."

What the photos make clear is that the countries were many but most of protesters expressing hatred in such aggressive and scary manner are Arabs and Muslims.

Maybe they were protesting something else but Israel is a good venting valve for their frustrations. It conveniently deludes the natives that this hatred is not directed at them.

BuJ said...

hey good to see some proper haters come back here!

CC, i dunno why u even bother and give this weird barrage of "facts".

The UN report on human development index is for the whole country and not the minorities (from what i've read).

If Arabs were doing so well in Israel, why are you trying to enact new laws to screw them over every year? Arabs make 1 in 5 Israeli citizens, yet there are only 2 Arabs in the Knesset.... very exemplary.

The Contentious Centrist said...

"Arabs make 1 in 5 Israeli citizens, yet there are only 2 Arabs in the Knesset.... very exemplary."

As always, you are grossly misinformed:

The Contentious Centrist said...

"If Arabs were doing so well in Israel, why are you trying to enact new laws to screw them over every year?"

What laws are you talking about? Can you cite a specific law from a
reliable source that supports exactly what you state?

The Contentious Centrist said...

Here is another European rally for your post, buj, to enjoy. Clearly, the demonstrators are all Swedes in solidarity with the suffering Palestinians:!