Friday, 25 December 2009

No Way Through



BuJ said...

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Thanks to my buddy Jazarah the Carrot!

Media Junkie said...


it definitely does put many things into perspective and yes, does make one appreciate the things they do have in life.

DoTs... said...

amazing Buj.. really amazing..

i'll twweet it .. (just so that you'd know :p )

BuJ said...

thanks guys.

the powerful thing is that it's done by a bunch of brits.. and not arabs...

Anonymous said...

Bu Jassem, but that isnt a powerful or great thing. It's sad. It's sad that we have westerners who care much more than we do.

We are happy in our oil castles, as a whore, when this goes on. Hell, in the last military "altercation" Egypt REFUSED to let Palestinian "brothers" pass into Egypt. That to me is more disgusting than anything israel could do.

I think we give the normal western person too little credit. I think westerners DO know, or are starting to know, and they take ACTION like making this vedio that has been viewed by 43K people. What do we do? Nothing. We send money and write a few local articles and do nothing.

THAT is the sad thing.

God help them, and God have mercy on our undeserving souls.

Inspire Your Mind said...


All I can add as a comment is it is pathetic the way the situation is..

I worked at Jewish Hospitals here in North America; my Israeli/Jewish colleagues told me their activities during their annual vacation; guess what they do? they volunteer as over-seas doctors to treat their Jew fellows in Israel-Palestine..

You know for sure what I'm getting at .. I don't care about the ambulance being at the other side of the fence in the video.. why should Israelies treat Palestenians in a war zone when medical resources are limited while Palestenian doctors are making millions out of their private clinics in UAE for instance ?

Apply taxation on their income, let's say 20%, to help build hospitals in their home land and check on their reaction to this proposal..

I am greatly impressed by how Jews help each other out.. they are extremely supportive of each other.. and that explains their perseverance all these centuries despite being a minority..


EnglishTeacher365 said...

I could never understand why people here in the Gulf were happy to do virtually nothing to help their 'brothers' in occupied Palestine. Then my students told me that they regarded Palestinians as a lazy underclass. That sort of put it into perspective.

It seems that, just as many Europeans were happy to close their eyes to the persecution and suffering of the Jews before and during World War 2, many Gulf Arabs are closing their eyes to the indignities and atrocities suffered by the Palestinians.

Or am I wrong?

BuJ said...

IYM.. thanks for your comment.. i think it's good to separate the issue of Palestinian corruption from Israeli occupation.

EnglishTeacher365.. wow.. I have you say I've never seen the parrallels you've drawn between the holocaust and the Palestinians this way before!

Inspire Your Mind said...

BuJ.. those two issues are inseparable..

Israeli's occupation is feeding on Palestenian corruption and vise versa..

English Teacher; I think you're wrong.. Gulf States spent billions of Dollars on the Palestenian cause.. maybe you should ask Arafat's group and the current authority in power where all that money vanished ?

I just have a simple question that needs an answer: why do so many Palestenians carry so much hate for us deep inside as if we're the ones who opened their gates for Israelies ?

I don't want to provoke an emotional outbreak here.. but please be a bit realistic in the way you analyse those political events.. and be even more appreciative of our efforts..

I think the rest of your questions and debates should be directed to your own people and to your own authority..

BuJ said...

IYM... always good to read you :)

unfortunately corruption is rife all over the world.. and it is even more alive where there is lawlessness.. and thus the ordinary Palestinian suffers from corrupt officials wasting the money given to them most generously by others such as the UAE.

not sure if understood correctly, but are there many palestinos that hate emaratis? hmmm why so? the UAE has treated palestinians very well and very fairly, and has always supported the palestinian cause.

rosh said...

IYM @ 26 Dece 20:44, hit nail on its head. Having lived 9 years in New York City (or the Jew York City, in humour), I have to say the Jewish folk 'stick' together to preserve their culture and several ways of life through the centuries. Their sense of unity and support where / when it truly matter is their strength. This is something the Arabs, the Indian / Pakistani and other Asian folk could learn.

Inspire Your Mind said...

What Abbas needs to do is so simple for now; he should move away from being so independant on Israeli's resources; you don't ask for a land when you're unable to provide services for your own people; ie, if he starts building primary care medical centers in every neighbourhood under his/Palestenian authority; it will solve half of the problems..

These primary care centers can provide: delivery facilities as most of deliverys are low-risk cases that do not need a tertiary care center or advanced hospitals; neonatal secondary level nurseries; immunization services for both children and adults; managing minor wounds and injuries; regular and annual checkups and cancer screening programs; etc

It takes less than 6 months to build all these centers if he's serious about it; since the money is already there..

He should add to it few for-free grocery stores.. I'm not kidding.. the money is there..

Get Palestenias employed at those primary care centers and grocery stores; helping with unemployment issue..

As for those who would need specialized surgeries and advanced medical care; he can make a deal with one of the 'neutral' developed countries to provide such services.. the money is already there..

One more thing; learning Hebrew Language should be a must for Palestenian children.. wanna defeat your enemy; learn his language first.. most of Jews I worked with have a working knowledge of Arabic; how come the other way around in not applicable ?

Any more suggestions ?

Anonymous said...

@Inspire Your Mind:

Surely, getting the Palestinians involved in rising up with their country will cure so many of their problems; hence, making them independent and raise their self-confidence in some way, rather than just complaining

"One more thing; learning Hebrew Language should be a must for Palestenian children.. wanna defeat your enemy; learn his language first.. most of Jews I worked with have a working knowledge of Arabic; how come the other way around in not applicable ?"

Learning Hebrew can be emphasized from the perspective of "defeating your enemy", because if they were to do from that point of view, they will fail.

There is a story about the Palestinian doctor whose daughter died during the war on Gaza. He works at an Israeli hospital for Children with (cancer/psychological disorders?). Anyhow, he speaks fluent Hebrew. What would "defeating the enemy" have anything to do in furthering his agenda in assuaging his personal pain and the children's of which he treats?

That Doctor is just a slice of all the Palestinians who work in Israel and speak fluent Hebrew. Learning Hebrew is a survival mechanism for the Palestinians, exactly like the expats who learn Arabic in UAE. Remotely it has anything to do with "defeating the enemy", basically.

Inspire Your Mind said...

Khalood.. I hear what you're saying..

Learning Hebrew is not only speaking it.. if you read it properly then you'll be able to dig deeply into Hebrew and Jewish original literature.. then you'll know their background properly and their way of thinking.. then you'll be able to have a proper negotiative conversation with them.. this is exactly what is lacking !

I think the hospital you're referring to is 'Hadassah University Hospital'.. so many medical advances are being worked on there..