Monday, 7 December 2009

Closed Zone - Gaza

A fantastic short clip by Gisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement calls on the State of Israel to fully open Gaza's crossings and to allow the real victims of the closure - 1.5 million human beings - the freedom of movement necessary to realize their dreams and aspirations.

This is actually an Israeli body, run mainly by Jews.


Dubai Jazz said...

Great representation of a sad reality.

Thanks for posting, BuJ.

The Contentious Centrist said...

Such hypocrisy in this post. Gaza has two neigbours. Why isn't Egypt even mentioned in this representation?

"Egypt cannot be left aside. It is their border that remains closed, isolating the 1.5 million Palestinians struggling to make ends meet, who have been forced to develop and grow an illegal smuggling trade beneath the sands of Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula in order to live. Egypt bears the brunt of this and not Israel, no matter how we look at the facts.

Sure, Israel started a campaign against Hamas from the moment they were legally and freely elected to head the Palestinian government. Israel was responsible for isolating the Islamic Party to an unprecedented level and began an unwarranted war against Gaza last December. This is abominable and should be condemned at every step.

At the same time, Egypt, which enjoys somewhat amiable relations with the Palestinians – they serve as main brokers in ending more than two years of Palestinian infighting – so it seems strange that the entire struggle of the Palestinians should fall on Israel’s shoulders. Egypt deserves much of the blame. They have a border with Gaza, too.

If Egypt wanted, they could open the border, allow for the free flow of goods in and out of Gaza. This is simply a realistic fact. If Cairo wants, they can help the Palestinians. They don’t, instead resorting to blaming Israel for the depressing mood and situation in Gaza. It is deplorable that a nation that so often condemns international rights groups and governments for mingling in internal affairs that Israel is an excuse for the situation in Gaza when all Egypt would have to is tell the Israelis: “we are opening our border to help these people live a better life. This is the right thing to do.”

Instead, Egypt hides behind the veil of the Jewish state and routinely arrests and imprisons citizens who dare speak up in support of the Palestinian cause. This hypocrisy is astounding and very few people are willing to say that Egypt is half responsible for the Gaza debacle. Egypt has long hated Hamas, fearing that their rise would coincide with the Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity."

Dubai Jazz said...

Why isn't Egypt even mentioned in this representation?


What a stupid person.

The Contentious Centrist said...

You don't have an answer, do you, buj?

I'm not surprised. Ostrich syndrome.

BuJ said...

CC, the reason you do not merit a decent response is that all your comments are personal attacks, and I do not want to lower myself to your level.

In fact, if you have any problems with the video, then go and bitch to your Jewish brothers that made this video.

Also pass by the opticians because the video does mention Egypt very clearly. Ostrich vision is better than complete blindness.

Have a nice day and you're only welcome if you can state your opinions respectfully.

BuJ said...

DJ ya hala.. actually you should thank the Israeli group that made this video. It shows that there are good and bad people in every country, even if it's not recognised by its neighbours.

The Contentious Centrist said...

"Marc Otte, European Union emissary to the Middle East, stated the following to the working group for Middle East affairs in the European Parliament, on November 24:

* There has been an economic improvement in the West Bank, primarily due to removal of the checkpoints.
* There is no shortage of equipment or cement for construction in Gaza, and Hamas is controlling the resources.
* Hamas dismissed employees of the systems and appointed its own people, and that is the reason that there is no construction in Gaza.
* The prevailing economy in Gaza is not an official economy but rather an economy of tunnels; there are no shortages in Gaza, but there is a problem of unemployment, primarily for civilians who are not close to Hamas and have no buying power.

The security fence has proven its effectiveness in the fight against terrorism."

BuJ said...

Hmm, CC, not sure where you get all your energy from, but let me enlighten you with some independent facts.

Like I said, this clip was made by a Jewish organisation. Please direct your anger at them.

Also, Egypt is clearly mentioned in the videoclip. Have you even seen the clip in its entirety? If so, please do so again.

Finally, not sure where you get your info about the EU fellow Marc Otte... but if you heard of the BBC, you might want to click on this:
(In pictures: Gaza's new mud homes)

Unfortunately people in Gaza are going primitive and using mud bricks to build houses. Of course, as you might say, cement is plentiful in Gaza and the Palestinians are only using mud to make Israel look bad.

Yeah sure.. Impeccable logic as usual.

Anyway, it's lovely to see you gracing my blog, as always :)

The Contentious Centrist said...

As for cement shortage in Gaza:

"The Defense Ministry is postponing the delivery of cement to the Gaza Strip out of fear that Hamas will get its hands on the material and use it to rebuild its military infrastructure damaged during Operation Cast Lead, officials said on Sunday.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak was reconsidering the delivery of the cement after, according to IDF Southern Command intelligence, cement that was transferred for the renovation of a British War Cemetery in Gaza earlier this month was partially confiscated by Hamas.

The cemetery contains graves of British and other foreign soldiers who were killed in the region during World War I.

"Hamas is in desperate need of cement to rebuild its bunker systems and bases," one official explained. "This is why it is so complicated to transfer cement to Gaza even if it is intended for civilian purposes."

In late July, Barak decided to permit a one-time transfer of more than 300 tons of cement to rebuild a damaged flour mill, a sewage treatment facility and the British cemetery. Israeli representatives had met with representatives from different international organizations that operate in Gaza, such as UNRWA and the World Bank, to coordinate the transfer.

The IDF sources said that Hamas's seizure of part of the cement raised a red flag for additional transfers. It was also, one official said, a "blatant cynical use of humanitarian aid that is meant to be used to help the poor people of Gaza but is instead used by Hamas for its military infrastructure."

Last week, the Gisha: Legal Center for Freedom of Movement NGO issued a report slamming Israel for preventing the reconstruction of Gaza by restricting the supply of cement, water, sanitation and health care and electricity. The shortage of cement has forced many Palestinians to use mud and clay bricks to rebuild damaged structures"

BuJ said...

In most countries, the Defense Ministry would deliver soldiers and not cement. However, Israel and the areas it controls rarely conform to the norm seen in other countries.

Sorry about Livni btw.. time to unleash the rottweilers perhaps.