Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Thanks USA...

After all it was Obama that got Osama...


The full article is worth reading should you want to learn something new.



rosh said...

He lives! :D

The GN article is a revelation of sorts, well written and hard hitting (so unlike GN :)

“"Pirate financiers will spend as much as $30,000 on a pirate group that ‘hunts' in the Indian Ocean and upwards of $10,000 on pirates operating in the Gulf of Aden. And to protect themselves and their operations, pirates pay local militias (guns for hire) as much as $10,000 per month to protect them from sub-clan rivals or external threats,"

“Behind the scenes is a rich investor, usually from Europe or the Middle East, financing the piracy operation, Mohammad Abdullahi Omar, Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs told Gulf News.”

Interesting. Surprised? A little.

"Pirates receive only 30 per cent of the ransom money while the rest goes to financiers, sponsors and other collaborators. "With much of this money going into expanding piracy operations, piracy is without a doubt a growing market."

Strange, for a moment, I felt I was reading about Wall Street. The "legalized" piracy shops.

BuJ said...

ROSH!!!! good to hear from u buddy :)

i know that the article is way above GN standards.. not that i acknowledge that they have standards.. i think "norms" is a more apt word.

I wonder where one can apply to be a pirate! seems like a good business with good returns and the work environment is quite entertaining

rosh said...

Entertaining, indeed. Living life on the edge too! We have pirates in the UAE too eh. The movie pirates and their stash of DVDs lol!

How's life treating you these days sir? I'm home for a few days. It's WAY humid for the month of May.

BuJ said...

sorry for the delays.. tell me how ru spending ur time?
must be great to be back!
yesterday was uber humid but before that it was really comfy... almost 31C at night..
man, climate change might be comfortable for us here in the gulfy states :)

what ru upto in the sunny city?