Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jordan - Morocco - Yemen

What do these countries have in common:

Jordan: Wants to join the GCC and is welcomed... Yuk! I'll take harees over mansaf any day! I hope their welcome was just a political politeness.

Morocco: Wants to copy Jordan!

Yemen: Must be tricky to meet the PM when you're urging the main honcho to retire :)

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Al-ain Rose said...

for Allah's sake!! what's going on :O

kaya said...

Long time.
Good to see you old friend.
Drop in for a cuppa.

BuJ said...

guys.. lovely to hear from u!!!

KAYA!!!! WOW UR ALIVE? mashalah.. really honoured to have u here.
how ru doing? how's life and family?

ROSE... how ru doing? how's work and nails?
i'm stuffed at work, so working from home and doing great today!!

Al-ain Rose said...

LOL! everything is ok buj:p

kaya said...

Yes Buj
You know what they say, cant keep a good woman down.
We are all fine,survived our first winter in Canada, experienced minus 30, drove in snow, shoveled snow, and
now mowing lawns.

kaya said...

Dealt with!! Im scared now.

As Amy Fowler said to Sheldon: Ive been a very bad girl, I should be spanked!